Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Crack House

Callie, Eric and I have officially moved into our new (old) townhome! We call it The Crackhouse, because it seems the people that lived here before us didn't bother cleaning up before us, and the landlady missed a couple things (Needles in a random drawer, crackpipes in peices outside in the corner...etc). Other than a couple quirks, this place is a steal. So much room for so cheap! The neighborhood isn't terrible. I was awoken yesterday morning to the sounds of children playing outside. There are quite a few of them in these townhomes.
Unpacking is a different post all together. Mainly because we are FAR from finished unpacking. Today will be a good day for that because neither of us work until much later. So I am off to borrow my moms obnoxious Rainbow Whatever vaccuum cleaner....and buy gloves... Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

"So your mom tells me you and Callie don't want me to know where you live."
"We don't want anyone to know where we live."

-Dad and I.....It's true that we don't want them to know where we live, but soon enough our daughterly guilt will get to us.

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Criss L. Cox said...

Anyone at all? What about people who might want to visit you, and such?