Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Enough Karma

Lloyd is in Rocky Horror Picture Show with me. So far, rehearsals have been fine. Very awkward, yes, but fine. Much better than in May when I tried to do a show with him. That was just too soon. Too close to that terrible night that ruined lives and horrified others. During rehearsal, we avoid any and all contact, be it verbal, physical, or even eye contact. We find ourselves on opposite sides of the room. He buries himself in comic books or friends, and I bury myself in Word Warp on my iPhone (or Unblock Me- also a great game). A few days ago however, Lloyd texted me and asked if we could just stop this and be friends. We really can't be friends, I told him, but at least we could speak like normal people and make eye contact.

As much as I hate Lloyd, I really cannot afford the Karma it takes to hold a grudge. He didn't cripple my credit and my finances, therefore ruining a good few years of my life, Like he did to Eric. I suppose because I am selfish, I can at least forgive him for all the hurt he caused me over the last coulple years. I was the one who put up with it and kept letting him do it to me over and over again. My bad, really...

In other news- Tristan is crowning right now as I type this. I will be going to Houston (for real this time) on Friday to meet him. I wish I was there but at the same time I wonder how I would handle being there.


The Amazing Ernie J. said...

I don't think it's karma. I think you should just a get a tiny bit of revenge out of your system. Egg his house, key his car, put a cherry bomb in his mailbox.
But you're too nice for that, which is simultaneously admirable and annoying.

And ask Tristan's mom if I can use his name to write a short detective story.

The world was scropaeo, which is the eighth astrological sign in the dyslexic zodiac.

See you for D&D!

Criss L. Cox said...


It is NOT your fault. HE was a jerk. Period end of story. NOT YOUR FAULT.

Don't make me come over there and beat you with a wet noodle until you realize this.

HE took advantage of the open, loving, giving person that you are. HIS FAULT. Period. End of story. Thank you, good night.

Got it?

sanjeet said...

And ask Tristan's mom if I can use his name to write a short detective story.

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