Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas came and went and no one died....

Well, Christmas happened this year, even though I begged and pleaded for it to stay away! It's not that I hate Christmas, because in all truth, I really don't, but this year I was not ready for it, and then no one got a present from me. Not even the boyfriend. It's because I am poor, which people understood, but it still made me feel kind of bad.

Not to mention, Doug is mad at the 'rents for being obnoxious all year, so he almost didn't show. He came for about 20 minutes (four hours late), and then left. I didn't see my dad until 5 or 6, and I could tell the day was rough for him. My mom was so upset over her firstborn not going to Christmas that she shut herself up in her room for about half an hour to have a good cry. How she managed to cook (she doesn't cook) and have a presentable Christmas for her family (including some aunts, uncles, cousins..) is beyond me, because this year was rough for her as well.

Luckily there was enough alcohol for most of us to get through the day without going crazy. Although, later towards the end when my mom was upset over something a neighbor had said, me in all of my (awesomeness) drunkeness marched down the street to have a little chat with him for making my mom cry. I can't tell you exactly what happened because it is a blur of tears and hugs, but in the end- no one died and everyone got home safely.

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Criss L. Cox said...

Yay, pink!

I have to say this is the most awesomest post title ever.

Thank you.