Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wedding Update!

Just for kicks I thought I would post an update on our wedding! The chosen date is still May 13, 2011 (Friday the 13th- my fave). The color combos have changed at least 12 times, but it is official now. We are having a rainbow wedding! That way we don't have to pick just 2 or 3 colors. I am super excited for this because after looking at pictures of other rainbow weddings, I determined it is impossible to not have fun at a rainbow wedding. Since all I hope for my wedding is that it is fun (magical, really), I thought that worked out nicely.
Each member of the wedding party was assigned a color based on mainly what they chose for themselves (except the MOH & Bman HAVE to wear red :) and Eric and I will be in white with rainbow accents (1/2 of my skirt, his tie). My good friend Jennifer (who we lived with in Ft. Worth) will be making all the bridesmaids dresses, my dress, and matching vests for the guys. It will be awesome.
My good friend Liz has 3 acres about an hour away on the river that we are looking at in October. We are 90% sure that is where the ceremony and the reception will take place. We will probably rent a tent, but have talked about how we wouldn't mind if it rained- we just hope it doesn't pour!
My brother Dave is in charge of music (kind of). He will be playing in our wedding band, along with Jamie Barnett, Alex Riegelman (excellent musician O.M.G), Evan Spreen, and really any other of our talented friends who jump up on the stage and want to play a song. We have a DJ for when the band needs a break, and we have BBQ (cheapest option) catering in the works.

Overall I am pretty proud of how this is coming together. We have a little over 8 months to go until the big day, and I am no longer freaking out that it won't happen because I am not doing anything to plan it (first few months I was in complete denial that it would happen at all because I saw nothing making it happen). Once the rainbow theme set in, it has been super easy to figure everything else out. Also, at work the other day there was a huge wedding reception, and Eric and I went around finding ideas that they did that we will shamelessly steal, so that worked out too!

I have lots of non-pro-but-maybe-thinking-about-trying-to-go-pro photographers who will be milling around all that day taking pictures, so that saves me 1000's on photography for the wedding, and gives them weddingness to put in their portfolio.

I am trying to think if there is anything else we have planned (that isn't a surprise) that I would love to share with you... I think that is it for now, though. Ah! Two words. Shoes. Optional.

Wedding party isn't allowed to wear shoes unless they ABSOLUTELY despise being barefoot, but I think we will have no problem.

I am almost so excited I can't stand it- but not quite. I think that will kick in around January, when the save-the-dates go out. Holy cow! Or in March! When the actual invites go out! ahhhhHHHHhh or now! Just thinking about it all!


Marcy said...

This sounds like it'll be just about the most kick-ass wedding EVAR! =P So happy for you that it's coming together and feeling fun (many brides get drowned in the planning madness and don't enjoy it at all).

And I think it's so awesome that so much of the wedding stuff will be personal, done by friends and family-- that makes it so much more special, in my opinion.

In the 6 months before Zach and I got married, we went to THREE of our friend's weddings. It was kinda nice, as I did get to see what they did and borrow ideas (or decide what didn't work) to help us figure out what to do for ours. ; )

The Amazing Ernie J. said...

Do you remember Amelia Brown from Creative Arts? She does professional photography now. Her style is right up your alley AND she'd probably be cheaper than a normal boring wedding photographer.

My word was crome. Which is an actual word, just misspelled. Also, I love you and your wedding is going to kick the ass of every other wedding ever.

jesslind said...