Monday, November 5, 2007

Still don't have my computer....

So this entry will also suck. I miss my laptop a lottt!

Watching "My Best Friends' Wedding"

Such an awesome/sick movie.

Also um- My boyfriend has a cell phone. He hasn't had one since August. What's better? He knows how to USE it. Which is really really awesome. He called me yesterday. Three times. It was strange. I was not used to hearing his voice that often. Pretty cool.

I really have nothing to say. Roommate and I were terrible today and went to Jack in the Box. Sick. And delicious. And I napped for 3 hours. But because roommate can't go work out with me right now- I will probably (definitely) just go to bed, unless I feel disgusting in the next couple hours and just go work out anyway (optional-but not likely).
still figuring out my life. But one thing I did think about today- the world 25-30 years ago? Different than it is today. In lots of ways. Whodathunkit?
*Lacey Jane*
"hooooo-ked on...pah for meh!"
-brian regan comedy is full of hilarity.

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