Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excuses, excuses....

I promise you guys I always MEAN to update. It is always something that I know I want to and need to do- I just don't get around to it. SO SO SO SO SO much has happened since one month ago. So much.

Without going into lots of detail about the past month, because I don't have a lot of energy-

I am not in school. When I got pregnant I changed my fafsa. When I miscarried I changed it again. None of my financial aid went through on time because fafsa's take FOREVER to process. SO I couldn't afford school this semester. SO I had to drop out. SO I feel like a loser.

I have a full time job at the daycare down the street from my apartment in Denton. I have my own class. I teach the 13-17 month olds. They are awesome and adorable and I cannot wait to find a new job. I make 7.25 an hour working 45 hours a week. It is both fun and miserable. I can do better. But it's hard to find a job in Denton. As I may have mentioned before.

Lloyd and I are together again. Surprised? Me too. We've been together again for over a month now. He hasn't screwed up majorly yet. The moment he does though? Bye bye Lloyd. He knows that. So he's really actually making an effort this time. There are lots of things to say about Lloyd, but I am not sure who reads this anymore, and some things that I would LOVE to blog about are really just not my business to blog about. So maybe some other time.

My puppy lives with my parents right now. They hate him. But really they love him. They can deny their love all they want, but everyone (including them) knows that they love him. He is getting really big, and he still loves me the most. He is really smart and can come on command, and sit, and go to his kennel, and walk without a leash. He's the best. He is 20 pounds now. CRAZY.

Healthwise? Oh man internet. I have a urinary tract infection. ALSO a bladder infection. ALSO a kidney infection. Also a kidney stone. If your vagina doesn't hurt after reading that then teach me how to also have a super vagina. I don't know internet. I don't drink soda. I drink plenty of water and juice. I need to cut back on drinking milk (too much calcium can cause kidney stones in the kidney stone prone people like myself). I have missed all of work this week, was in the hospital on friday, went to the doctor today, and I have so many different kids of neat pills prescribed to me I don't even know where to begin.

There is this one pill that NUMBS my urinary tract (which is nice because peeing? HURTS.) and also turns my pee BRIGHT orange. Like....cartoon orange. Also, it REALLY numbs the urinary tract. So I leak a little bit. So I have to wear a pad constantly. Which is okay- because guess what internet? I AM ALSO ON MY PERIOD. So in case my poor vagina wasn't going through enough, it is also bleeding. After I pee, it looks like fire. Bright orange and bright red. It is symbolic of how my kidneys feel.

I was allergic to the antibiotics the hospital put me on- so since Friday, I have lost a total of SEVEN pounds. I now weigh less than I have since my first boyfriend broke up with me and the only food I could choke down for 3 months was ice cream and nyquil.

There you go internet. A really quick and not very detailed update on my life. As soon as my midsection doesn't feel like it will implode at any given moment, I will try for a better post. Have a lovely St. Patrick's Day.

*Lacey Jane*