Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Because I know how you people adore the unpleasant stuff....

Taking a shower is supposed to be a really joyous experience. You get to be CLEAN! and have some ALONE TIME! and you get to SMELL NICE! and there's HOT WATER! involved and you can SING!...That's how it used to be for me anyway. I don't know about you guys- but I LOVE TAKING SHOWERS! Most of the time. But not here. Here. In Hall 14. Taking a shower is strenuous, uncomfortable, nasty and frightening, and inevitably you walk (carefully) out of the (tiny) stall dirtier than you were previous to showering.Here's why. Because if you touch the walls or (God forbid) the SLIMY shower curtain- you feel the immediate need to wash the area that has touched the aforementioned areas. Therefore, you must be VERY careful in the shower to not touch these things, but this is difficult- as the stalls are about [_] <--this wide. Luckily(ish), the two end stalls are a bit larger than the three middle ones. soooo the whole shower row looks like this: [__][_][_][_][__]It doesn't seem too terrible if you can snag an empty end-shower. Which I usually do (or I just don't shower at that time)TONIGHT HOWEVER- Obnoxious things happened necessitating an entire xanga entry. Those obnoxious things went a little like this.... I firstly went to the shower here: [__][_][_][_][x_] This is usually the shower I shower in- as the other end-shower smells funny...Really. It does. Different from the others. However, tonight, my usual shower was occupied. Not by a person, but by a used tampon. It smugly looked up at me like "hahahha...i'm just a little bloody, waterlogged tampon, but I got the GOOD SHOWER."Damn tampon. So, my choices were either to attempt a small-shower, or go to the funny smelling one, which has more room, therefore, more comfort.Of course I chose roomy and comfortable.Starting the shower is difficult. I was always taught righty-tighty lefty-loosey, therefore it would only make sense in my mind that turning the faucets to the left would turn them on.Oh no no no, not in Hall 14. THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY.So here we are, 2.5 months into living here and I still have difficulty turning on the shower...Actually, turning them on isn't so difficult, but it is adjusting the temperature that gets very confusing. After struggling for a bit, I get a decent water temp and cautiously continue on with my shower.Of course, I am joined within minutes by Girl2, who ops for the other-end-shower with Sir Bloody Tampon. Good for her I suppose. I would have probably left and come back later...but she's braver than I, obviously.I know I am rattling on- but I have lots to talk about, and I can't start the movie until roommate gets off the phone with her boy. He loves her lots so they chat for miles. Elliott and I are lucky if our phone conversations last more than 5.7 minutes...anyway- back to the shower...Girl2 (who I have respect for) turns on her shower, and instinctively I step out of the way. This instinct also kicks in when someone flushes the toilet, or uses the sink (or claps their hands! or scratches their nose! or blinks!). You have about .9 seconds to move or you will be burned. Or frozen. But it will never tell you which. After Girl2 adjusts her water temp, I readjust mine, and continue on.This is when it gets weird/annoying/obnoxious (in my opinion). ... Girl3 comes in.Now, Xangaland- if you were in Girl3's position, which shower would you choose? a, b, or c?[ME][_a][_b][_c][G2]Of course you would. Any respectful individual would go with B. Unless there was a used tampon in it, or fecal matter, or puke (all have been spotted), why would you not go in B???Oh no. Instead- Girl3 chooses stall A.Now, audience (if anyone is still reading..)...Let me please express to you my distaste at having unknown Girl3 RIGHT NEXT TO ME when we shower. We're really close together...and her rinsing water splashes on my feet.What is REALLY nasty- is that as soon as she's done adjusting her water temp (Girl2 and I follow suit-), she pees. In the shower.Which...okay...lots of people do it- I have done it before, sometimes it cannot be helped..but think of what I said earlier.Her Rinsing Water Splashes On My Feet.I smell the ammonia/pee smell...I have to say- It is difficult for me to stand the smell of someone else's urine if it is a strong smell...if it is a normal-pee smell, it really doesn't bother me...but for some reason..Girl3 had putrid-smelling-pee that PROBABLY splashed onto my feet...I am, at this point, both outraged and sickened..My flip-flops and my feet have to be re-soaped (as far away from her stall as possible) and I haul ass out of the shower.I checked. No fecal matter. No puke. No bloody tampon. Just a nice stall B, all ready and waiting.Oh but no. Girl3 decides that she feels the need. the need to pee. on my foot. like a bitch.Soooo basically that's my story.Really I am sparing you most of the details, and I am not even going into the more disgusting details of the showers- let alone the bathrooms- of Hall 14.please, everyone...Do not take your showers for granted...lay down in them and marvel at the fact that you are not obtaining various STD's! *Lacey Jane*"why put a quote when no one comments or even reads me?"-my xanga...she's such a pessimist.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Because Halloween is my second favorite holiday....

I LOVE HALLOWEEEN!!! Don't ask me what my plans are because they are unestablished right now... But I STILL CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND!! Because in college- you can't really celebrate Halloween ON Halloween, unless it falls on a Friday or a Saturday.I mean- you CAN celebrate it, and you generally WILL- but you can't if you want to make it to class the next day without a crippling hangover. However- I AM SO LUCKY!!! Because over the weekend I went home, and Annie and I went to a Gay Halloween Party(!!) at Newports in Dallas. It was very very...very fun. We dressed as bums- because really we decided to go that same day, and therefore had no time to be incredibly clever...Annie's sign said "Will Play For Booze Foob" and mine said "Trabajo por tacos" as I was a hispanic bum. I had a bongo drum strapped to me and annie had a tambourine. We both were equipped with a pair of finger cymbals, and we took requests. It was quite fun.But what is sooo awesome about this is THIS WEEKEND WAS NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!! So I still have TWO more times to dress up for Halloween!!! Originally I was going to be Tina Turner, because who doesn't love Tina Turner (rhetorical- if you don't- please don't inform me)...However, as Annie and My-New-Gay-Friend intelligently pointed out, Tina is classic. I could really be Tina any year for Halloween. And so, ladies and...other...ladies who read my blog (because I don't think guys read xangas?)- this year for Halloween, I will be gracing someones party/bar/club/who knows dressed as Bald Britney- because she'll go out of style after this year.on a side note::::Isn't it awesome to see people that you once were SO CLOSE TO after four years?!it really really really is.just saying.HAPPY HALLOWEEN-TIME EVERYONE!!! It is so excitinnnggg*Lacey Jane*Dave: I'm going trick or treating this year.Lacey: what are you going to be?Dave: Blacula: Draculas soul brother.Lacey: of course you are.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I really do try to see the best in things, honestly...

It just doesn't work out sometimes though. I e-mailed my professors 3 days ago explaining my current state of unhealth (I know. It's not a word. Shut it). Yes, my professors are very very busy and they have lots of work to do and they have lives and everything.. But out of the 5 professors I e-mailed- ALL 5 GOT THE E-MAIL, and only ONE wrote me back. ONE. The one that I am pretty sure doesn't even know what I look like, because he teaches my biggest class wrote me back and told me he hopes I'm feeling better soon. SO THANK YOU DR. SEGADY, for the acknowledgment. In the ONE CLASS I have him for, he has 260 other students to deal with, and he still found time during his horrid busy day to write back a short but appreciated e-mail. I'm actually pretty mad that I didn't get a response from all of them. I hate to be the "At My Old School" girl, but AT MY OLD SCHOOL, when I wrote to all my professors telling them I was sick- EVERY SINGLE ONE responded within a day or two, and a couple of them even CALLED ME a couple days later to make sure I was feeling better. I miss that. A lot.*Lacey Jane*"Miss you lots! Why aren't you in my life?"-Shane Reif....I LOVE shane reif. he's catholic and we were going to get married.*sigh*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Because I know you need a health update....

Let's go back almost EXACTLY one year ago and check out a couple entries:
Monday, October 23, 2006
very very...very sad.
i'm so sick.not even the doctor knows whats wrong.people that i love hate me.my throat is closing up.i cant go back to school til im more healthy And then a couple weeks or so later:
Monday, November 06, 2006
oh..right...xanga...so...i have mono. im fatigued and whatever. thats just my life. also im behind in classes because i missed three days of school. once again- my life. GUESS WHAT XANGALAND?!?!?!*imagines everyone guessing* Oh! oh I heard someone say it...who said it?? ...someone in the back...Yeaaaaahhhpp.I am having what is commonly referred to as a RELAPSE. I would like to refer to it as just...MY LIFE. It is really no fun. It may sound like fun- the whole...sleeping 12-15 hours a day thing- but IT'S NOT, LET ME ASSURE YOU. It is VERY difficult to make it to my 8 and 9am classes, although my 2pm shouldn't be bad, UNLESS I HAVE THE OVERWHELMING URGE TO SLEEP!Do you know how to get over mono? Take a couple aspirin and Rip Van Winkle your life away.Because antibiotics don't help. GOODNIGHT XANGA-XANGALAAAANNNDD!!!! *blows out candle with a raspberry**Lacey Jane*"I hope someone notices my reference to "Hook" in the last line I wrote"-Me. Just now. In my head.**EDIT** A Letter To My Professors::Good Afternoon, I am writing this e-mail to explain my frequent absences of last week and this week. I apologize for any inconvenience they have caused, and I want to assure you that I am doing and will be doing my very best to stay caught up. Last year I came down with a very bad case of Mono. I got it from over-exerting myself, but once you get it, you never get rid of it. It seems I am having a relapse. I sleep for 13-17 hours a day, and have a fever that I struggle to keep under control. I have a sore throat and a headache, and it is very difficult for me to get to class. Antibiotics do nothing for Mono, and the only thing I can do is continue to drink plenty of fluids and sleep as much as my body needs. It is very awful but I ask you to please understand that I WILL go to class if I can. I am not one to miss class for a bad reason. I am just a really unhealthy individual. When I had mono last year, my doctor encouraged me to drop out of school for the remainder of the semester, because all my organs were enlarged, and I was in danger. I didn't drop out then, and I won't drop out now. I just wanted to explain a little of what's going on with me, and I will see you in class ASAP. Thank You, Lacey Smith I'm such a good student.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Because Cristina asked of my living situation....

Alas I DO in fact live in a dorm hall. Not just any dorm hall- a dorm hall SO DISGUSTING that my mother called the health department today after I updated her on new disgusting facts. Shall we take a look at a few of the nasty happenings in Hall 14?- The toilets on my floor N E V E R work. You think I am exaggerating? I have to go downstairs frequently because every toilet is overflowed. You might think this is because us terrible gross girls don't know how to use an appropriate amount of toilet paper, or maybe that we flush inappropriate things down the toilet- but, just to clarify- that might be 10% of the problem. The other 90% is that the toilets are old and the plumbing is simply bad. sometimes, even just peeing and flushing a minuscule amount of TP down will result in an overflowed toilet- so go ahead and use your imagination as to what horrible germs are flying around the bathroom that myself and 50 some-odd other girls are expected to use.- Our lobby has fleas. This is a slightly understandable problem, because sometimes that happens- HOWEVER- our WHOLE ENTIRE BUILDING has been sprayed- and the lobby has been sprayed, powdered, bombed, what-have-you- on MANY DIFFERENT OCCASIONS- and this is barely the what? fifth? sixth week of school? And yes, ladies and gents- we STILL have "pests."This is just unacceptable to me...Those are probably the two biggest factors going into the abominable conditions in which I am forced to live on a daily basis. Everyone is either sick- getting over being sick- or about to get sick, and some people scratch their head and wonder why! Isn't it obvious? I don't think I have been 100% healthy since arriving here and being exposed to this trashiness.They were supposed to tear this building down over the summer and rebuild it. They didn't get around to it. Great.So there you have it, Cristina...I did not previously know my roommate- we were randomly selected and matched up, and they could not have done a better job. Laura is wonderful and we are a good match. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are both from big obnoxious families... so we just understand.I had a superbly wonderful weekend away from Nac. I will update on that another day, perhaps.*Lacey Jane*"You are. I just know it."-Chelsea.thanks man- you're a pal.

Because I just don't get things, sometimes...

As I sit here, enjoying my dinner of Ritz crackers dipped in ranch dressing, I ponder the insanity of whoever decided that our caf should close at 7pm. That is the time I would like to eat my dinner. Not the time I would like to finish it. In all actuality, I would like to eat my dinner at 8:30, or 9. It is very very impractical to close the cafeteria down at 7pm. No one appreciates it, least of all myself. However, I will survive--- I have Ramen...and although I do not really appreciate the saltiness...the noodles alone are (though tasteless) enough to suffice...Tonight I have tried to liven up the blandness by adding pepper...it is still heating up* but when it's finished, I can eat it and go to sleep- which sounds nice... Roommate and I are sick. She's having stomach problems and I am having fever/throat/head problems. BONUS- I have a choir concert tomorrow! Don't worry- all of us are sick, and none of us know the music- so this should be one big embarrassment for us and our choir director. It's his fault for trying to make us learn 7 (some of them RATHER DIFFICULT) songs in just shy of two months. With only 2 rehearsals a week- really this doesn't happen. Especially when our soprano section is less-than-weak, and our alto section just won't blend."It's not over til the fat lady sings"Imagine the fat lady's voice...it's pretty, right? Operatic, and deep.NO GOOD IN A CHOIR THOUGH, GIRL WHO STANDS ON MY LEFT!!!!!!BLEND, altos! BLEND!....do they even know the meaning of the word?very depressing. I miss Dr. Mahraun (choir director at previous school)goodnight...ramen+pepper=eh..not too bad.*Lacey Jane*"The dream of your body so fine your gorgeous green eyes gazing in mine. That's fuckin gold, and despite bein bold it's a dream I'll hold."-Dave's friend, Jeffrey...what a stud. Good try, man.*We aren't allowed to have microwaves in my room- and the microwave provided in the lobby is always filthy and probably has its own array of STD's...so I heat up water in my coffee pot, pour it over the noodles/oatmeal/life/whatev, and put a paper towel over it for a few minutes to allow it to heat... sure the majority of the noodles are a bit..uh..chewy, but it gets the job done, and i dont even have to get up.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One of those awesome college nights. Inconspicuous Wednesdays. YESSS!*Lacey Jane*Roommate calls her dad..."Hey dad...yeah...how are you? Oh....Nothing much...Taking a break from studying..."me: (as silently as possible):Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahha*Hangs up later*"That was good, wasn't it?""You're not fooling anyone."

Monday, October 8, 2007

Traditions and winning 10 dollars...

5-0 The Cowboys. Are 5 and 0. I was raised to love the Cowboys. When I was younger- I hated football season. It was confusing. The adults would sit around screaming at the tv. Eating chips and dip, making no sense to me.Often times we would all go outside after the afternoon games and play two-hand-touch in the street with all the neighbors. This part was fun. I liked going outside and playing. Still do, sometimes. But oh man. The whole watching-the-game thing was just not my style. But Oh MAN I GET IT NOW! I LOVE watching the Cowboys games. Getting into it. Eating chips and dip. WINNING 10$!!!! Breaking out into HIVES when we were down the WHOLE GAME UNTIL THE LAST 18 SECONDS! Seriously. Awesome. Game. Very. Scary. And. Fun. And tomorrow? Tomorrow myself and some fellow college children will be making our way to the intermural fields to play a game of football ourselves. My idea. Some things will never. ever. change.And I like it that way *Lacey Jane**justin does a silly dance when the Bills score*"Justin! I didn't know you liked men!"-me, because i am HILARIOUS.