Friday, January 29, 2010

Help Me Here, People...

How do you embed youtube vidoes into your blogs? Thank you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jodi Picoult

Is more addicting than heroin. I have 3 books left until I've read every one that she has had published. The one I just finished was very Green Milesque, but still great. Go read it.

"Changes of Heart" by Jodi Picoult

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can I Just....? Just...One Post.

Eric is the best you guys. Tuesday was his birthday and I meant to write a birthday post for him but it didn't happen in case you guys haven't realized this by now. He turned 23 and even though it's not an old epic age that we can justify a huge party for (like 21, or 25!), I was so happy to celebrate his birthday with him, even if it was kind of a lame day for him... He found out for sure he didn't get the Austin job. Although I feel like it was lame because they told them originally that they were hiring from their branch only, and then they ended up hiring from many different places, which I suppose is smart, but instead of hiring 30 people from Eric's branch, they hired 3. Sucks. But ohwell. We are still trying to go to Austin. It will just be more like in March or early April.

Anyway, I don't have a lot of time to type this, because Doug wants me to make brownies, but Eric rocks my world and I love him very much, and I hope this week has been a pretty nice birthday week, considering :)

*Lacey Jane

Monday, January 18, 2010

Headache Business...

It's getting very annoying. Annoying and crippling. Mainly annoying. I have to start keeping a journal to find out what is causing them.

Went to Gameworks for Eric's birthday. Everyone gave Eric their tickets for his birthday present. He got four shot glasses, The Beatles Monopoly, and a temp-engagement ring for me (30 tickets- I'm one lucky woman :) All in all it was a fun partay, as per usual.

That's all I got. Off to bury my face in alternating heat and cold.

*Lacey Jane*

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jamming Out....

In true nerd fashion, I have recently seen the band Man Factory at Caves in Arlington.... Think: Street Fighter concept piece. If you're like me, then that's synonymous to: Awesome.

Check out their myspace page if we're speaking the same language here....

*Lacey Jane*
"AllIwannado is Street Fight!"
-#1. Night At the Arcade by Man Factory

Friday, January 15, 2010


Remember? Bad with surprises/secrets?!

a text conversation:

Eric: It has been a...crazy day. I'll tell you all about it later.

Lacey: Crazy good or crazy bad? (as I broke out in hives and stopped breathing..)

Eric: Good.

*puts away the cortizone and paper bag...*

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Missed a Day of Blogging & Now I Hate Myself...

It's because it's hard to blog when your brain is trying to escape through your eyeballs.

The Headache has returned. It is there for the majority of the day, leaving for a good 2-5 hours from around 4-9. It returns and is there all night and all day. Poor Eric has to try to sleep next to me not being able to get comfortable no matter what.

Tomorrow I go see a Doctor that my mom recommended for my jaw. It hurts. It locks. It's cold outside. That makes it worse.

This is why I did not blog yesterday.

Negative Nancy residing.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanks, NeilMed Sinus Rinse!

Thanks to NeilMed Sinus Relief (brought to me by Eric, who skipped his kenpo class tonight to come home and take care of me, even though I burned his dinner), I am feeling much better! If you haven't ever tried it or seen it, I highly recommend it to anyone who is getting, could be getting, has, or is prone to anything sinus-related. It's a little strange and annoying at first but once you get passed the I-feel-like-I'm-drowning-myself sensation, it will be your bff4l.

I burned grilled cheese sandwiches. My very poor pathetic attempt at dinner for Eric. I am a not-awful cook. I am not great, but I have definitely seen worse. The problem is, I am so good at cooking chicken and pot roast and tacos, that when I don't feel well and want to whip something up quick and easy (like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup- a classic!) I totally fail. It's not that I never learned... On the contrary, I can remember making grilled cheese sandwiches standing on a chair when I was probably not more than 6 or 7 years old, with little to no supervision. I had been well taught! It's just that I (in my very old age) have forgotten how. It took me angrily throwing away the first two sandwiches before I made passable ones (passable. Not great.). Then after we ate one each and Eric finished off the tomato soup, I made blackberry pancakes to make up for it, because I can never mess those up.

That's all you get tonight, internet. A play by play on me making dinner. Brilliant and not boring at all, I know.

*Lacey Jane*

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today's blog is short because it hurts to look at the screen. The Headache started around 4:30 today after I saw Sherlock Holmes (awesome movie!). It has since then grown from annoying to bad to really bad to migraine to "why me oh why me"


I'm a big baby when I am sick, which sucks for Eric because I am sick kind of often...Good thing he doesn't mind babying me.

I'm going to go lay down now, and feel sorry for myself. I love you, internet.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dude...That's Sweet.....water...

My brother Dave has been stranded in Sweetwater, TX today since 9:30 this morning. At a Wal*Mart. That's 12 hours. At Wal*Mart. In Sweetwater, TX. I feel awful for the guy. Did you know at WalMart in Sweetwater, TX, you can buy corn by the ton? Dave knows this now.
When his car broke down on his way back to school this morning, he called his parents. You know, the people that raised him. My mom wanted to go get him immediately. My dad said "give me an hour and I will tow a car to him"

Obviously that didn't work out so well. See above: 12 hours. walmart. sweetwater.

But, I will stop myself there, so I don't say anything I will want to edit out later...



Today Eric and I moved in (because Dave went back to AZ, or tried to anyway...) and right now we are enjoying a nice fire and a nice Cowboys game (go Cowboys!)... After this we will head over to our buddy Luke's house to hang out and see him for a bit... And then back home to read books and go to sleep.

.... We are old, and I love it :)

Have a rockin' Friday night, Bloggosphere!

*Lacey Jane*

Friday, January 8, 2010

Posting Early Today...

So that we don't have repeat of last night's woes! None of my apps are working and I cannot figure out why!! Eric says we have to basically scrub my iPhone :( so I will have to redownload all my favorite apps (I will never beat my highscord on "word warp" and now no one will ever believe it was so high. 5,8something points. I can't even get over 4k anymore!), but I suppose worse things have happened, so no big deal, honestly.

Eric has been in court for two hours today already and he just called to say it will be another couple hours. Last May, If you recall, he had some issues with the law. Issues that have not quite been resolved. Today is his third or fourth court date, and hopefully his last for awhile. He was first offered 6 years of probation, then 5, now 3. He is taking the 3 years with hopes to get off early after a year and a half for good behavior. Because Eric is a good boy. Really, he is. We did not expect this court to last for as long as it has lasted. I've been pretty worried about him for the last half hour but he called on a break saying it was going to last another couple hours because there are so many rules to go over.

I won't make this into a political blog. All I can say is- hurry Obama! You're making great strides in legalizing things that have no ACTUAL GOOD reason to be illegal, and I appreciate that... But hurry! I am impatient! It has been so ridiculous for far too long! I will write a huge post on that certain subject one day. For now, I still need to gather even MORE research (because oh man there is a lot).

Internet! Guess what! I know I already told you in my last lame post, but the period is here. In case you guys didn't know. It's here. It hurts. It's bad. It's angry. I don't know what I did to anger it, but it's angry. That's why today is a lay-in-bed-and-whimper day. At least for the time being.

That's all for now folks! A new blog is heading your way sometime this year. I am trying to think of a clever name, but all I can think of are stupid, boring, grown up names. We will probably have to go with one of those, because damn it if I am not becoming one more and more every day :o)

*Lacey Jane*

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Secrets and Surprises....

It's not that I am bad at keeping secrets, it's that I don't have very many, so I do not understand why other people seem to keep so many. When someone tells me a secret, I immediately wonder if I were in their shoes, would that certain thing be a secret to me? The answer is usually no. So that's why I turn around and tell Eric. Or Heather. Or my neighbor. Or my entire family. Or my dog. Or all of the above. I think that secret keeping is a large contributor to lies and drama that I try (I swear I try) to stay out of. Not to say that all secrets should not be kept- because I will admit their are some valid ones... but when someone asks me "can you keep a secret?" I honestly tell them that it depends on what their secret is, because, not to sound like a bitch, but they have to have a GREAT reason for keeping it a secret, or else I will probably blow it.
I really need to be better about keeping secrets, especially my own. For instance- when I got pregnant, I should have waited to tell people. I really should have. It would have saved me a LOT of pain and sorrow and having to repeat for months and months and MONNNNTHHHS after I miscarried that I had a miscarriage. That was my bad. I told everyone I knew. It helped me at the time, I realize, because I had some supportive (and some not so supportive) people behind me. But oh man. I should not have told. I am worth than Thindy Brady.
I hate surprises. Every year of my life since I was probably 7 or 8, I have snuck out of my room a few days before Christmas, taken all my presents to my room late at night, and peeked. Every. Single. One. It's not so much that I couldn't handle not knowing (although that's definitely a contributing factor), but I am really bad at accepting surprises. I never know how to react, what to say, how to look like I love things, even when I DO love them. I have to practice. I have to slowly peel up the tape on one side, slide whatever is wrapped out, and ready myself to act surprised and happy when I get what I get at the right moment.

All of this is to say that Eric and I are getting married on October 2 of this year, and I am not supposed to tell anyone until we get my ring.

....I think I've told my entire wedding party, as well as my mother, most of my siblings, and at least three random people I've seen on the street. Now you guys know. I was going to wait and have an awesome post with pictures and the whole story of how he proposed, and maybe later on I'll do that. We plan on getting engaged in March or April, and then married on TENtwoTEN! How am I supposed to keep this a secret? He wants to surprise me for when he actually does get down on one knee and propose (even though I told him he really doesn't have to do that. No. Really.), but he wants to, so I suppose I will just have to deal with knowing that eventually and soon, Eric is going to surprise me, even though he knows I hate that :o)

*Lacey Jane*

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interview Tomorrow!!! And....Mom.

Not for me...Eric's Apple interview is tomorrow. He is super nervous about it, I can tell. However I know he will be superb. The training starts in February, so actually we would have less time than I thought to save money and move to Austin!!! That's okay though, because I know no matter what happens, (not to quote a great song or anything, but) every little thing is going to be all right.
I have been spending more and more time with my mother lately (as in, over the last four days...maybe a couple hours a day), and I just have to say it- no matter how insane she is- she is one hell of a lady. Sometimes her actions are outrageous, but she's very good at looking back on them (even if just moments later) and acknowledging their outrageousness, and either pointing it out, or apologizing for it. I think that no matter how awful the situation between her and my dad is, I will always be on her side, because I think it took a lot of strength to do what she did, and she deserves to be happy. Not that my dad doesn't deserve to be happy, but he needs to make himself happy and not have to rely on others for happiness. I realize what I am saying is pretty obvious and dull, but I know sometimes my mom feels awful for leaving him, and I wish that she didn't have to.
Lately her and I have grown closer, not so much as mother and daughter but as two adult women who know what they want in life just as much as they don't have a clue. It's astounding to me how very alike we are, and I feel like if I didn't have so much of her instilled in me, I wouldn't have a chance in this world.
That's all I have for now. Keep Eric in your thoughts for tomorrow! We want to move to Austin!!!!

*Lacey Jane*

Monday, January 4, 2010


Eric's dog, Apollo, is a bad dog. He's cute and flopsy and big and strong (all at the same time), and boy is he a bad dog. He lives here for now at Eric's parents house. He can smell Eric coming a mile away, and he barks and barks and barks no matter what Eric does. If he ignores him, he barks. If he plays with him for two hours, he barks afterwards. He loves Eric so much it's insane. Eric got him last Christmas. He is a black lab. He turned one in December. When Eric moved out of his house in April and Apollo came to live here, he was immediately made an outside dog. This makes me super sad for lots of reasons, even though he gets plenty of attention, food, water, etc. He has a nice doghouse and lots of room to run around in and toys to chew up. I am worried about moving to Austin and taking Apollo with us. I want to make him both indoor/outdoor but MAN is he a bad dog! Anyone had experience with this? Reccomend anything specific?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thus Begins Our Journey....

Tonight, dear reader(s), I blog to you from Eric's childhood bedroom, which will be our home for the next week, until Dave goes back to school in Tucson. From here we will move back in with my mom for a couple months, and then it is to Austin we will go.

The nomadic lifestyle suits me just fine, as long as my bff the internet is there with us.


Saturday, January 2, 2010


Eric and I moved in with Callie into the Crack House in September (if you recall). Everyone advised me against this because Callie is kind of insane and unpredictable. I did it anyway because I really hate living with parents. It makes me feel like (even more of) a failure, and the opportunity presented itself. I know how much everyone loves being right- so here it is, everyone: You were right. The girl needs help.

About a week ago, around 2:45 in the morning, Callie comes home. Drunk. Stark raving mad. The living room is spotless. The trash has beer bottled in it from our little get together earlier in the evening that we didn't take out (yet). The kitchen wasn't awful. Half the sink had dirty dishes in it, which had been rinsed off, just not thrown in the dishwasher. She was pissed. She started loading the dishwasher (loudly) she broke a few dishes and a few beer bottles in the process. She ran around the house slamming doors (trying to wake us up) and screaming bloody murder about living with such pigs.

I would own up to it if my house was a mess. It wasn't. My mother has instilled clean-house syndrome in me. I love clean houses. Dirty rooms? Okay, sure. My bedroom is most likely messy. My house? No way. So this little fit was unwarranted.

Yesterday, without warning, Eric and I packed up and moved out. He has an interview at the end of next week and we will know by mid January if we are moving to Austin in March. It's a nice promotion with full benefits and a moving stipend. It will be awesome. I have full faith in him. So now we are living at his parents for a week until Dave goes back to school, then we are shackin' up with my mom until we move in March! This will allow us to save money for the house we will rent.

Callie...Needless to pissed. SO pissed. Obviously we screwed her a little (we paid for January rent so she has a month to find another roommate), but I feel justified because I do not want to be around her insanity. She literally scared me, and that is not okay. Today she has done nothing but text me all the horrible things that are on her mind. Most of them I have chosen to ignore, but I couldn't help but retaliate for a few of them. I told her that if she needs petty name-calling to make herself feel better then by all means, blow my phone up with them.

There it is in a nutshell... Callie and I won't be sisters for awhile I suppose. It is sad, but my family is falling apart anyway, and right now, focusing on myself is going to be the most important thing. I hope nothing but the best for her- but everything will continue to go south for her until she can control herself (especially when she is drinking).

Until next time...

"2010 Again and again?"

Friday, January 1, 2010


WOoooO!!! Well, we threw a successful Swanky New Year's Party last night at my moms house, because she was out of town. There were 6 or 7 people littering the house this morning (not that I saw them, I was out until 2:30) that Dave told me about. The house is a mess. There is champagne on the ceiling fans and bottles everywhere. The drumset and guitars are at least in one area from the band, and black eyed peas are crusted onto the stove. Everyone made it home safely and Dave is ready to reset and restart. 2010: Again and again and again..... We could technically have two more parties.... But Eric and I are moving today, so it would be all on Dave to plan it. So it won't happen :) Anyway- it was a wonderful New Years- one of the best I would say. Maybe even THE best. Yes. I will go so far as to say it was the best new years party I've been to. It was so super swanky it was almost too much swank to handle. I will have to post pictures later on when they start appearing on facebook. My resolution is to blog more and comment more on other peoples blogs. Eric's resolution is to stop smoking (*he's already down to one cigarette a day, if that*), and marry me.

Shaping up to be a great year already :)