Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: Let's Toast Again

I am so excited for 2010!!! I have blogged less this year than ever since I turned 16, and my only resolution for 2010 is to blog every day (even though no one comments anymore! See: lame!) to my invisible audience. I am also excited for 2010 because it will begin on the right foot with the right man with all the right intentions (unlike the previous couple years...). Lot's of exciting things are happening this year and i cannot wait to share them all with you! I usually do a recap of my year but the wonderful things of 2009 can be summed up really simply:

-I love Eric and am so thankful for him every day. I didn't expect to be in this kind of relationship for years and years and he kind of blindsighted me into this wonderful mess of happiness that I never understood until now.
-My family has put themselves through the grinder this year, but we all managed to stay out of jail, and we all love each other at the end of the day.
-Jamie got into Army with flying colors (mixed feelings about this but DEFINITELY proud. So proud.). When I say flying colors, I mean the girl she was sitting next to taking the test got a 30, which is still passing. Jamie got a 92. Meaning she can do whatever she wants, and she wants to be a medic. I will miss her so much in the Spring, but I am so stinkin' PROUD of her! (Have I mentioned that I am proud of Jamie?)
-I have learned so much this year. More than school ever taught me. I learned forgiveness and I learned to appreciate the smaller things. I learned that karma will catch up to you, be it good or bad, and that it is always best to exude positivity into the universe.

2009 was far better than 2008, and 2010 is shaping up (already!) to be the most wonderful yet. I am so excited to ring in the new year tonight with my friends and family by my side!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas came and went and no one died....

Well, Christmas happened this year, even though I begged and pleaded for it to stay away! It's not that I hate Christmas, because in all truth, I really don't, but this year I was not ready for it, and then no one got a present from me. Not even the boyfriend. It's because I am poor, which people understood, but it still made me feel kind of bad.

Not to mention, Doug is mad at the 'rents for being obnoxious all year, so he almost didn't show. He came for about 20 minutes (four hours late), and then left. I didn't see my dad until 5 or 6, and I could tell the day was rough for him. My mom was so upset over her firstborn not going to Christmas that she shut herself up in her room for about half an hour to have a good cry. How she managed to cook (she doesn't cook) and have a presentable Christmas for her family (including some aunts, uncles, cousins..) is beyond me, because this year was rough for her as well.

Luckily there was enough alcohol for most of us to get through the day without going crazy. Although, later towards the end when my mom was upset over something a neighbor had said, me in all of my (awesomeness) drunkeness marched down the street to have a little chat with him for making my mom cry. I can't tell you exactly what happened because it is a blur of tears and hugs, but in the end- no one died and everyone got home safely.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On Blogging and Autotuning...

It's not so so much that I have been super busy lately, I just haven't felt the urge to blog. Sure, lots of different things are happening in my life right now, but nothing that feels important or interesting enough to actually keep track of.
At the same time though, I never used to care if I had something to write about. I used to be able to just pull anything out of my brain and write about it. Those times need to return, people! They SHALL return!!!!


For now, enjoy this video, inspired by another video, linked here because of Chebs/Jeeg's video...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Debilitating Debt....

Just a question.... Will I ever be out of debt?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Miss You Guys...

Hi Internet! It sure has been awhile, huh? Cool thing- We have no money at the Crack House, and because of that, Internet and cable are a thing of the past. Thanks Jamie for this Internet time! It's wonderful to feel the hard plastic keys under my fingers. The tappy noise is awesome. I could sit here and update you guys for hours just to hear that noise!

But I don't have time. This update will be like the last few. Annoying and boring and just touching on the basics of what is happening in Lacey-Land. One day, when I have the Internet available to me from the comfort of my own bed, I will start updating again. When that happens I expect everyone to start commenting again! And you guys will get yours too. It will be a great day.

.... The BBQ place I have been working at since March went bankrupt. It was terrible and sad. Now I have a job at an Italian place where I will still make barely enough money to live. I feel kind of like a loser because all I do is work and pay bills and have fun, but I plan on slowly going back to school... My sister and I are taking a math class and a yoga class next semester. Like I said- slowly.

.... I just closed The Rocky Horror Show where I played Janet- one of my dream roles. It was VERY fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

.... Eric is perfect, in case you were worried about that going awry, as per usual. Nope. Still perfect. Halloween was a blast and a half. We stayed in character almost all night. I think we got out every one liner from the first and second movie alike. SO much fun.

.... And that is all for now, folks! Enjoy these couple pictures from Rocky Horror (One where I was in it and one where I came to see it) and then the couple Halloween pics, and I will catch you guys on the flip side!

*Lacey Jane*

"You beast! You monster! What have you done with Brad!?"
"Nothing! Why? Do you think I should...?"

Dressing up to see it was almost as fun as being in it.
"Party on, Wayne!" "Party on, Garth!" "Excellent!"

....And then I caught Swine Flu!!!!!!!
....I'm back to brown hair! It should be blonde by Christmas though... :o)
Also- Look at Eric's Garth-hair... it is actually his real hair (except for the bangs which I made with a wig and a headband)... We straightened it, and it took just about forever.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Enough Karma

Lloyd is in Rocky Horror Picture Show with me. So far, rehearsals have been fine. Very awkward, yes, but fine. Much better than in May when I tried to do a show with him. That was just too soon. Too close to that terrible night that ruined lives and horrified others. During rehearsal, we avoid any and all contact, be it verbal, physical, or even eye contact. We find ourselves on opposite sides of the room. He buries himself in comic books or friends, and I bury myself in Word Warp on my iPhone (or Unblock Me- also a great game). A few days ago however, Lloyd texted me and asked if we could just stop this and be friends. We really can't be friends, I told him, but at least we could speak like normal people and make eye contact.

As much as I hate Lloyd, I really cannot afford the Karma it takes to hold a grudge. He didn't cripple my credit and my finances, therefore ruining a good few years of my life, Like he did to Eric. I suppose because I am selfish, I can at least forgive him for all the hurt he caused me over the last coulple years. I was the one who put up with it and kept letting him do it to me over and over again. My bad, really...

In other news- Tristan is crowning right now as I type this. I will be going to Houston (for real this time) on Friday to meet him. I wish I was there but at the same time I wonder how I would handle being there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rocky Horror and Tristan Vaughn

Just a couple things today....

1. I got cast as Janet Weiss in the Rocky Horror Show in Grapevine!!!! I am so excited! This is up there in my top 5 dream roles! Woohoo!

2. My Godson, Tristan, is scheduled to be born early Sunday morning, so after my show on Saturday, Jamie and I will be road tripping it to Houston to kiss the baby and then leave in time for me to be back Sunday at 7 for rehearsal. I wish I could skip this ONE rehearsal, but we only have a few weeks. Rocky Horror opens October 16th.

My house is complete and awesome. My boyfriend is awesome. My job is less than awesome, but I am thankful that I have a job!

....So that's it. Pretty lame. No great stories. Not this time.

*Lacey Jane*

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The Crack House is almost completely 100% livable. For now we still need a refridgerator and a washer/dryer. Even Craigslist is too expensive for us at this point, but soon enough! Unpacking and working and doing shows is very difficult, but like I said- we are almost finished! Woohoo!

That's really all I have for an update? Wow. What a lame life lately.....

Oh! I auditioned for some more shows....Rocky Horror Picture Show... Dog Sees God.... some Christmas show... So that's pretty lame. I don't have the time or money to do that.'s a serious addiction!

*Lacey Jane*

"Mom just told me the story of how she lost her virginity."
"....You win."

-Dave and I. I miss him!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Crack House

Callie, Eric and I have officially moved into our new (old) townhome! We call it The Crackhouse, because it seems the people that lived here before us didn't bother cleaning up before us, and the landlady missed a couple things (Needles in a random drawer, crackpipes in peices outside in the corner...etc). Other than a couple quirks, this place is a steal. So much room for so cheap! The neighborhood isn't terrible. I was awoken yesterday morning to the sounds of children playing outside. There are quite a few of them in these townhomes.
Unpacking is a different post all together. Mainly because we are FAR from finished unpacking. Today will be a good day for that because neither of us work until much later. So I am off to borrow my moms obnoxious Rainbow Whatever vaccuum cleaner....and buy gloves... Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

"So your mom tells me you and Callie don't want me to know where you live."
"We don't want anyone to know where we live."

-Dad and I.....It's true that we don't want them to know where we live, but soon enough our daughterly guilt will get to us.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

And Today:

Welcome to the world, Samantha Marie. My cousins new baby, so my new second cousin (Cuz cuz :)

And now I can't help but cry.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago:

7:45am: Woke up to get ready for 9am class. Woke up early for no reason. Lived alone in an apartment that I both loathed and loved.


6:45am: Woke up early for no reason. Knot in my throat.

One year ago:

8am: took the pregnancy test I promised I would take for Lloyd because I was due to start my period the day before and I had not. My periods were like clockwork so he was worried.


7am: Rolled over and tried not to think about it.

One year ago:

8:03am: just stared at it.


7:03am: filled with every tiny detailed memory about that day a year ago. I remember what my apartment smelled like. I remember who I called. In what order. Stoically getting ready for school. Remembered every thought I had that morning.

One year ago today:

Not one tear all day.


As few tears as possible. Tried very hard not to cry all day. Had an okay day. It's always there in the back of my mind. Especially today.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Life! Look at you, looking up!!

It is (not quite) official!! Callie (older sister, for those readers who haven't memorized all 5 of my siblings names) and I will be moving in together on September 5th!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! Callie found a townhome and I happened to know someone who lived in the one hmm, ADJACENT to ours! So that's awesome, we will soon be Zachs' neighbors (Zach is one of my favorite people ever, for pictures of Zach, scroll down to the camping pictures. He is the one with the beautiful girlfriend and I love them both so much and I can't wait to be neighbs!!!!) for a mere $325/month (each). SO needless to say, both Callie and I are really excited, and saving our money as best we can to have the sweetest most wonderful home together. Just one more time- WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

*Lacey Jane*

Monday, August 17, 2009

In Love

....with igoogle, allowing me to post directly from my iPhone. It may take a bit longer to type, bit at least I don't have to get up from laying down on the bed, to sitting at the desk that is right next to said bed. Wooooo Technology!!!!!!!

Remember That One Time?

Remember that one time I promised a Lloyd saga and then instead I got a puppy and never really saga'd about him?

I am now here to REPROMISE the Lloyd saga! Only read it if you want confirmation that Lloyd sucks. Because once I tell you the WHOLE Lloyd story (now that it is, very thankfully, very over), you will for sure hate him. Or you will say you don't hate anyone, and you will pray for him. I will take that to mean you hate him.

Not right now though because I am at Jamies' sisters' house, and I should go be more social.

Hey! Love to all!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Trial Seperation

Growing up I was always very close to both of my parents. I think that is the best way to start this post... While a lot of children would say they liked their Mom more, or their Dad more, I could never choose. Both of my parents had so much love and support to offer, and they were both hilarious and fun. I could never choose between them when I was younger. I knew how lucky I was to have two parents that were still together. I understood this at a young age, because Doug and Annie's dad lived in Austin, and Callie and Slade lived with their mom in Irving, so that left Dave and I with both our parents to have 100% of the time. I knew that made me lucky. I know that still makes me lucky, to have grown up for 21 years with both my parents together.
I don't know how much I have blogged about this, but in May of this year, my mother gave my father 2 weeks to move out. This surprised him more than it surprised me. I don't know how surprising it was to any of my other 5 siblings, but I think I have trained myself to roll with my moms punches, due to the fact that she used to direct them toward me more than anyone.
I feel a lot of different feelings about this. It has been almost 4 months now, and I have just tried my best to stay away. I live with Eric at his parents house (he moved home last month after the lease on his house was up, to save money). Before I stayed with Eric all the time though, I was in the middle of all the parental drama, mainly through my moms side. I started kind of hating my dad because of the things I knew he was saying to her. Recently though, I became closer to my dad again and I started talking to him more about "the situation" and my heart pretty much breaks for him. Not that I can take his side, because they both have good points, but I know it hurts more to be dumped than to dump someone. It just does. I am proud of my mom for doing something that she really wanted to do for HERSELF. But I ache for my poor dad, who doesn't need people to feel sorry for him, but really I can't help it.

I don't know where this post is going... Eric and I had dinner with my dad last night. Without looking at the sadness and pain in his eyes, he looks great. He has lost 30 something pounds by going on walks and ONLY eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water. He is trying so hard to show my mom that he is fine, but one look into his eyes and you know that he is not fine.

I am so sick of both of them though. Sick of them. It is selfish of me to be sick of them, but I can't stand hearing he-said she-said story after story. I hear the same story at least twice, sometimes they will both forget that I have heard it and I will hear it twice more. Then after it all they always say "I shouldn't be talking to you about this.... I just don't want you to hear his/her side and think I am a (crazy bitch) (raving lunatic)." For the record- my mom IS a crazy bitch and my dad IS a raving lunatic- but not all the time, so why should I judge? I have been both of those things before...

Ohhhugughghghgh the frustration! My life is going really well right now, but those two are driving me insane. AND everyone else.... all the other kids too. It's not just me... Both my parents called and told me that my brother Doug is depressed right now. So I went over to see him, like a good sister, and he didn't seem any more depressed than the rest of us about the situation. So the only reason they thought he was depressed was because they were making him that way. Doug is too nice to say "stop talking to me about it." Although he will say "stop talking to Lacey and Dave about it."

Okay. I think that's all I need to get off my hydrocodone-laden chest right now. Thanks for reading. And for the empathy/sympathy, which I am sure you are feeling.

*Lacey Jane*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DnD Campout Pictures!

Over the weekend I went camping with my Dungeons and Dragons group. We had so much fun. I wish I could blog about every detail, but I really can't, unfortunately. I CAN, however, show some pictures... After seeing these pictures, I gave every couple an award based on the pictures. There were three couples and three single guys. The first couple I awarded were Carlos and Andrea. Andrea took most of the pictures so we had to get her on the other side. They win the Sweetest Couple Award, because they are the sweetest couple. No one calls each other baby, sweetie, honey, etc, and means it, more than these two. It would be annoying, but it's very sweet. Here they are in all their sweetness:

The second award I decided on was the Most Beautiful Couple Award for Zach and Joey. Honestly these two cannot take a bad picture (Eric and I are King and Queen of taking bad pictures)... Zach and Joey are two of my favorite people in the world, and I was so blessed to get to hang out with them for awhile this weekend:

(I was blowing bubbles at them)

The third award goes to me and my wonderful pale boyfriend. We win the Most Sunburned Couple Award.

And here are some other pictures from the campout. Keep in mind that we were all sorts of fucked up and having a good time, pretty much all weekend. So these pictures aren't the best- but they are the best we could do under our circumstances :o)


Group Shot at the end.... I need to edit all of these pictures so that you can actually see them, but that will have to be saved for a time when I am not on painkillers..

When Eric's hair is down and dry, it goes a few inches past his shoulders. It's so curly that when it is wet, it goes down past the middle of his back. Way longer than mine. I'm jealous.

Eric and Luke!

Half of our campsite..

Bubbles that stuck to everything! My fave.

Sean, Luke, and Zach. What a bunch of hooligans.

Eric and I watching the sunset

Joey dressed up like an indian to get into the campground spirit. That's because she's so freaking awesome that you can almost not handle it...

Monday, August 10, 2009


When I was 16 I got my wisdom teeth out, and the Doctor told me that I need to fix the right side of my mouth or when I am old it is going to be bad news (blablahblahsomethingsomething)... I have been trying to get this done since then. It has taken so long but finally step ONE in a three step process was completed. I got my baby tooth pulled, a bone graft, and then some gum cut from my wisdom tooth area to put over the graft. I was in a little pain all day but not much because I stayed on top of my meds. It seems like I have been waiting for this to happen for so long, and finally it is happening. The next surgery is in November. Step two: begin the implant process. They will screw a little holder thing into my bone graft and then step three will happen a couple months after that- my implant. A tooth! That looks real! That isn't a baby tooth! Woo hoo!

I am blogging to you today on a couple painkillers, so sorry if it is hazy- that's how I feel. Right now in my life I am looking for a better job (as per usual), and starting next week I will be looking for a new apartment! I will either be living with my sister Callie, my best friend Alex, or both of them. I pretty much stay with Eric every night right now, and because my car broke and then I sold it, he has been giving me rides everywhere. I haven't gotten sick of him yet, which is nice. Quite the contrary, in fact. The more I am around him the more enthralled with him I become. It is so wonderful to have a boyfriend that 1. loves me as much as I love him and 2. ACTUALLY respects me. One day I will get a picture of us up so you can see him. He is spectacular, and even my entire family really likes him. My mom calls me sometimes to applaud my choice of boyfriend this time around. I finally have a boyfriend I can brag about and not have to make excuses for, or bag on for being crappy. Woo hoo!

Hope everyone is having a good life right now! I still keep up with ALL my blog buddies- I just haven't been commenting as much. That will have to change :o)


*Lacey Jane*

"Lacey. Eric is the cutest and best guy ever."
"Thanks Mom. I do my best."
"Are you going to marry him?"
"Yeah Mom."
"Oh good. Is he Catholic?"
"Will he pretend to be for me?"
"He's the best."

Monday, July 13, 2009


Nice to see you! Where HAS the time gone? I guess working every morning and rehearsing every night and doing shows every weekend has COMPLETELY CONSUMED MY LIFE!

....I also have a new boyfriend! Well, technically he's not new- you've heard of him- but now he's my boyfriend and a very spectacular one at that (so far ;-) Eric rocks, the end.

This is my pitiful excuse for an update because I have to take a shower and get ready for day 1 of tech week for Evil Dead the Musical! If you live in the North Texas area (coughCristina/Tine/Dianacoughcough), you should try to come out and see it!

We open Friday and run for three weeks (thursday/friday/saturday) at 10:30 pm. The seating is VERY limited and we're already selling plenty of tickets so callllll and reserve yours SOON!

Oh blogger, my long lost love...One day I will return and have lots of awesome news (hopefully) and stories to share.

right now my life is consumed with debt and bills and being an adult. LAME.

*Lacey Jane*

"I'm sexy! I'm cute! And so evil to boot! I'd kill you with these guns, but I don't think they shoot!"
-excerpt from "Look Who's Evil Now" a song in Evil Dead the Musical

Friday, June 19, 2009

Once Again I Have Taken On A Lotttt....

And thusly I am sickish. Yesterday I was sick, today I am just sickish, but hopefully I am resting enough for my lame body to heal up, because I have lots going on!

I got cast as ensemble in Rent and I was all set to do it, knowing Lloyd would be there. I mentally prepared myself and convinced myself I didn't need a xanax.

The first two hours were okay. I didn't look at him as much as I could, and there were enough people to where I could see three weeks of doing that working out pretty well. Then, cliche moment of my life, we started singing Seasons Of Love, wherein it talks about measuring a year of your life. HOW COULD I HELP IT? I thought about the last year of MY life (of which he was such a huge part) and then it happened. The waterworks. I calmly put my script down in the middle of the song, and walked out the back of the room. No one noticed. Ish. Then I had Sobfest '09 in the bathroom for another hour and a half before everyone left. When I came back out and got my purse and script, I talked to the director and apologized and told her I couldn't do it.

I tried.

But on the plus side, she's doing a highschool production of Highschool Musical 2, and I don't know if I have mentioned my love for HSM in general, but it would be really fun and funny to just do ensemble for that show instead. SOOOO that's what I will probably do instead of Rent. That gives me until the 1st to decide on whether or not I will do that.

Allison (girl I was moving in with in Houston) decided she wants to stay at her moms until January (Tristan will be about 3 months old then) before moving, so that puts me in an awkward position until then. I really would like to move earlier than that. In August, preferrably. Alex wants to move to Austin. I don't, but maybe for 6 months it won't be so bad.

Let's see let's see.... I have to go to work at 10, so I am trying to make this fast...

Hmm.. I got my hair done! Woo! I never spend money on myself, but when I do, it is on something ridiculous, like an expensive haircut! My favorite! I asked her to style and shape my hair, and blonde it up just a little bit. I am a natural blonde, but for the summer I wanted to be a bit blonder. She shaped it up and styled it and I LOVE the cut, but then she REALLY REALLY REALLY blonded it up. Dave walked in later after I had gotten home, and did a double take. He turned on the lights and was like "Hmm... it looks like...OMG like I am SO a BLONDE!"

So yeah. She Malibu Barbied my hair, but it's okay. I'm rockin' it.

Wow. A whole paragraph on my hair. That's spectacular.

Um.... I miss Heather a LOT. She needs to return asap.

I miss Jamie a lot too, but luckily I saw her yesterday.

Eric is still wonderful. No change there.

Dave leaves today for a 6 week ballet intensive in Colorado! Oh man! I miss that kid already!

Okay off to work. Wish me luck on being not so phlegmmy!

Monday, June 8, 2009


A quick update for you beautiful folks...

I have yet to hear back from Rent callbacks... they went extraordinarily well, for other people moreso than for me, but still... very well... there was a lot and I mean A LOT of talent in that room. I probably will not get cast in a larger role but that is okay.

Rehearsals for Reefer Madness begin on Saturday, so I thought I would work AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE until then. My schedule is as follows then for this week:

babysit 9-2, 2 boys- a 4 year old and his 7 month old rolly brother. SO ROLLY. I can't even count how many rolls this adorable baby has.

nap 230-430

restaurant work 6-2

sleep 230-8


WOOOO for a 60+ hour work week!

Have a fantastic week guys! And keep me somewhere in your minds- you're never far from mine!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Blogger...Always A Nice Computery Shoulder To Cry On....

al;ksdjf;lksdajf ;lkasdj f;lasdkfjUGHGHGHGHGH i hate being a girl and being SO EMOTIONAL.

I need to not care about such ridiculous things but I cannot help it right now.

I am not making any money at work and it SUCKS.

Lloyd got cast in Rent. I WAS SO EXCITED TO HAVE A LLOYD FREE SUMMER and he got cast in a show that I wanted to do.

I decided to go to callbacks and if I DO happen to get Mimi or Maureen I will suck it up and do it. I just HATE him for this. I would love to one day be friends with Lloyd but it won't happen anytime soon.

He got cast as Collins. Gay black guy. Typical.

OH MY GOODNESS blogger. He also has a girlfriend. So that's cool. I realize I kinddd of have a boyfriend and it used to be a friend of his but it still really makes my heart hurt. A lot.

And I cannot even coherently type I just have so much negative emotion right now and I don't want to bitch about it to a lot of people. I can't bitch about him anymore because I am even sick of hearing me bitch about it. That's a neat thing about computers. I am bitching but I cannot HEAR myself doing it!

Very nice.

Anyway. So, yes, right now, I am hating. And it does not feel good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lions and Tigers and OwlBears, Oh My! *(Alternate Title: The Economy Is Making Me Cry)

Auditions went well for Reefer Madess/Evil Dead The Musical/Rent. I got called back for all three of them. Reefer callbacks did NOT go well at all, mainly because Lloyd was there and I was fighting tears and vomit the whole time. We made no eye contact and I had the worst callback I have ever had in my life (NO I am not being dramatic I am for REALZ). Then Lloyd left and magically I pwn'd my Evil Dead callback. Subsequentially, I got cast as ensemble in Reefer Madness (like last year), and Shelley in Evil Dead- which is awesome. Both shows are sure to be a ton of fun. I had fun doing ensemble last year, so I will have fun doing it this year. Lloyd won't be around. So that's good.
Rent callbacks are on Saturday and I am fairly nervous because I am being called back for Maureen and Mimi. Both of these roles are very very difficult to sing, and I was asked to prepare 2 songs for each of them (Over The Moon & Take Me or Leave Me for Maureen, Out Tonight & Another Day for Mimi), but I am still pretty happy to be called back. My hopes are not high for these parts, but it is still cool to be called back.
In other news, I really need to take defensive driving for my speeding tickets that I obtained back in February. I realize I am cutting it close because I am pretty sure I have to have it done by the 10th ish or so... But it is hard to do when you have no money and your bank sucks and you're so far in debt that it makes your head hurt but hey! Welcome to America and our AWESOME ECONOMY.
Tomorrow I will be evening out the debt and closing my bank account. Then I will be banking the old fashioned way (money in a drawer?) for an indefinite amount of time. Well, probably until I move to Houston... So at least a couple months.
I learned something very important in the past few years of being a grown up. Giving banks or anything else your cell phone number is a VERY VERY BAD IDEA. Your home number is good enough (even if you don't live at home), and keeps you from wanting to be THAT PERSON who YELLS AT THE BILL COLLECTORS who WILL. NOT. STOP. CALLING.
They call me from 8am to 10pm. Is that even legal? I both feel extremely sorry for and HATE the people who have those jobs. They can't help that their lives suck and that's what they do for a living. At least they have a job, I guess, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to take a chainsaw to their tongue.

....Harsh? YOU WOULD BE TOO.

Aside from everything else, Eric is still being very nice to me, and complimenting me and taking me on dates (and PAYING for it?), and going out of his way to make me happy every single day, which is all very strange and very nice. Yay Eric.

That's all for now. Send financially good thoughts my way!

.....oops... I guess I should explain owlbear...

Internet, against my better judgment, I will expose to you a secret that I (may have already exposed) do not tend to expose to anyone.

...I have joined a DnD clan.

Anyone know what that is? Maybe a couple of you? No? Yes?

Dungeons and Dragons. A RPG (role playing game). It sounds far more kinky than it actually is. Eric is our DM (Dungeon Master), and there are about 9 of us in the clan (4 main ones, 5 others that show up sometimes). I have made my character and written my characters backstory. If you ask nicely, maybe I will post my backstory. For now I will tell you that I am a human bard named Minna. I decided to be a support character for my first go at DnD and so far I am having a lot of fun. I was late to our last gathering because of callbacks, but when I arrived, my collegues (Black Tusk the half orc, Thornmill Thornhill the Elf, and the priest whose name I forget) were fighting an owlbear, which is a (you guessed it!) half owl half bear. I took a picture of it on my phone (there was a picture in the rules book), and I will happily share it with you now:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back In North Texasssss

Just to clarify, I am not moving to Sugar Land until after all the musicals are over this summer (I have auditions on Thursday!). So, pending the shows, I will be in North Texas until early August.

....But I could be leaving as soon as next week- you just never know- and I kind of like it that way.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogging To You From The Great City Of Sugar Land............

Helllloooo world! I am coming to you today from Sugar Land, TX (south of Houston). Many people crinkle their noses when I say I am moving to Houston, but I am here to tell you that YES it is HOT, YES it is HUMID, but DAMN it is BEAUTIFUL! Everything is green, the sky is bright blue, there are palm trees and flowers everywhere, and it's sunny and happy.

..... Basically what I am saying is the grass is greener here in Houston (well, Sugar Land, to be technical). I know how the saying goes, but for now? The grass really is greener here.

Let's see. I drove down here on Friday night (THANK YOU BRANDON FOR LETTING ME BORROW YOUR CAR YOU ARE AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I got in around midnight and it was so great to see Allison (and her Crazy Daisy Doggy). Allison is 5 months along and she looks so beautiful! She will be 21 weeks on Thursday, and her baby girl loves spicy food. Since Friday night, Allison and I have found a house that we love, and applied for it. We should hear back soon. The house is in Sugar Land in The Highlands. A very nice very safe neighborhood. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1715 sq. ft. Pictures to come. Maybe. No promises.

It is very strange being back in Sugar Land. This is Elliott's town. Thankfully he doesn't know I am in town. I think he knows I am moving here, but he also knows that it is NOT for him. So hopefully no drama is created between him and his girlfriend because of me. I think everything should be fine though.

I already know I am going to miss my friends so much. SO much. I miss them now and I have been here for only a few days. More about that later though. This post is supposed to be uplifting!

It was, right?

Happy Memorial Day. I love America. Flags are flying everywhere. It's awesome.

Lots of love, internet!

*Lacey Jane*

"I wanted a challenge. That's why I bought SmartWater"
-Jamieshaie as she struggled to open her bottle of smartwater a couple weeks ago...I miss that girl!

Friday, May 15, 2009

AAAAaaaand Two Months Later....

Hey guys. Tineebops asked for an update on my life, and how can I refuse her charm?

Let's see. It has been a long, crazy 2 months. I don't even know where to begin. Really. I don't. Do I start from now and work backwards? That would be the easiest for me, but the most confusing for you. Starting then and working forwards I feel as though I would miss important things... Although really- none of it is all that important. Categories are generally what I tend to fall back on, even though that makes me feel kind of lazy.

Ah well. I guess it doesn't matter.....Categories it is. What kind though? I guess we could go very basic. Family. School. Work. Friends. Summer Plans. Future. hahaha. Just kidding. we won't talk about the future. Anything I am missing? Hmmm.. Things That Just Really, Really, Really Suck. That one could take awhile. Okay hmm. I haven't written in awhile. ANYTHING. At all. So this is very unfamiliar.... Try and keep up...


The Smaxters are no more. I suppose I can start with that. About 2 weeks ago my mom and dad split up. My mom has been staying with friends and my dad moves out of the house tomorrow to go live with some roommate somewhere. I can see all your sympathetic faces now... Thanks for that- but before you get all emo on me, let's all be sure we are sympathizing for the right reasons. I love my mom and dad both very much. The fact that they are splitting up is sad. The fact that for the past two weeks my siblings and I have had to endure the annoyances of their lives is even more sad. Please don't hate me for saying this, but honestly them bitching about it or talking through us is way more annoying and sad than them splitting up. We care because they are our parents and everything but we don't care, because we don't live with them, and it is not really our business. As Dave put it- "As long as they can be in the same room for Christmas and Thanksgiving, who cares what they do? I'm not going to two places for Christmas." I probably would, but he's right- they are big kids with their own lives just like us. I hope they are both happier in the long run because of this decision (that my mom made). In fact I know they will be. I realize how bratty I sound about all of this- but....wait. I don't have one of those. I just wanted to throw it out there that I realize it. That's all I have to say (I think).


Out for now, small hopes for future education other than the occasional online classes.


I quit my job at the daycare when my racist boss got on to me for something ridiculous and wouldn't answer my questions about it. I'll leave it at that because just thinking about this vile woman makes me want to throw the laptop across the office. I now work at a restaurant that is close to my parents house where I occasionally stay when I feel the need to punish myself. I have never been a server before and I am not too bad at it. In fact the owner of the restaurant always puts me on the biggest tables, and always has me serve when his friends or partners or investors or what-have-you come in. I have a sparkling personality. You would never know by reading this. But it is there. The bad part about this job is that the restaurant is fairly new and we never get any business. No business=No money. I need money. I have things to pay off. Some things are valid. Speeding tickets. Valid. Parking ticket. NOT valid. I hate Watagua.


I miss my friends. I miss Heather. I haven't gone this long without seeing her since we were 3 years old. She will be home Sunday, and I cannot wait to see her. Jamie Shaie's phone has been off for a month or so. I miss her. I got to see her yesterday and it was miraculous. The group of friends that I met through Lloyd are still phenomenal. I love them very much. My lease is up May 31st and I will be moving in with Greg, Becca, and Eric. Brandon is moving out. Stuff happened. I will include Lloyd in this category although for now Lloyd is no friend of mine. Or Greg, Becca, and Eric's. Stuff happened. Stuff that should wait for its own post. But we all know how I promise that and it never happens....So I guess here we go:

Stuff That Happened:

Lloyd and I broke up a couple weeks ago because it just wasn't working. We both knew it wasn't working. We were having a very good/bad relationship. When it was good it was awesome when it was bad it was terrible. I looked at him one day and said how sad it was that we weren't meant to be together. That got him thinking. I said we should stay together until August because we suck at being broken up, and I am moving far away in August. He said we should just break up now. So that's what we did. It was mutual, but he decided to do it sooner rather than later. We were both sad but both okay. I finally had peace of mind that Lloyd and I were 100% finished. Something I haven't ever had in the 3 times previous to this that we had broken up.
A few weeks later I go to a party with a bunch of friends that I met through Lloyd who were now mutual friends. Brandon, Eric, and Carlos. Also present were friends I have met through Carlos. A great Denton party. Very fun, very drama-free, very alcohol-ful, very...other stuff-ful. LONG story short, we go back to the house and I end up sleeping with Eric (scandalous, I know.). This was not a bad drunken mistake- For the record I was very coherent and aware of what was going on at all times. Jamie Q, Candace, Joey and I ("the girls" of the group of olde) have always had crushes on Eric. He doesn't talk terribly much. He blushes easy. He has red curly hair that is longer than mine. He is AWESOME. So I went for it. Because I am single and I can do that. TURNS OUT Eric has always been interested in me. WHAT?! ME?! Awesome. So there we have it. We had sex. Shower sex. Bedroom sex. Hammock sex. SexsexsexsexsexsexsexFUCK yeah!We got barely 2 hours of sleep before waking up for seperate mothers day brunches and then a full day of work for me.
(I realize I tend to not be so graphic when it comes to sex on my blog, but I really want to overexude how bad I do not feel about this. Yes, Eric is Lloyds friend from highschool. That isn't cool. However, let me remind you: Lloyd. Got me pregnant. Told me he never loved me. Broke up with me. I miscarried. He gets another woman pregnant. Professes his undying love for me. We get back together. It doesn't work out. We break up amicably. All of the horrible things he has done does not even measure up to the one horrible thing I have done.)
So the next night I am over there again (I crash there on the couch a lot because going home is an option I sometimes do not allow myself), and I start getting texts from Lloyd. In one of them he says to please be honest with him if I start sleeping with another guy because he knows how I have been going out a LOT lately and partying a LOT lately (hell yah. I'm 21 now) and it has been driving him CRAZY and please be honest he just wants to know.

In case you guys don't know this- I AM honest. I tend to try to ALWAYS be honest. Even if I know it will hurt someone. So I explained to Lloyd that yes I have had sex with Eric and it was after a party where we all got pretty drunk and blah blah blahhh. He doesn't respond, so I give him about 45 minutes and ask if he's okay. He doesn't respond again so I put my phone on vibrate and go to sleep. Remember, I am very tired. 2 hours of sleep the night before. It is 1:30 in the morning before I go to sleep this time, and I am delirious.

At 2:45 that morning, BARELY an hour later- I awake with a start to someone POUNDING on the window and yelling. Very cool way to be woken up when you are delirious, by the way. Very cool. So Eric goes outside and stands there and lets Lloyd scream at him. He apologizes but doesn't have much to say. Lloyd says he wants to talk to me immediately but Eric says he can't until he calms down. Lloyd says he's going to call the cops and have everyone in the house arrested because there is sure to be illegal substances in that house somewhere. So I go outside to talk to Lloyd. Lloyd wants to walk and talk so that Eric and Zach (Lloyds bestie who gave him a ride- don't hate- he didn't know he would be this bad) wouldn't hear us. After I get called a slut and told that he was going to make my life a living hell, I was pretty much finished with that conversation. I tried to go back to Erics house but was more or less manhandled down another block. Bruises to prove it. Should've gotten him arrested, but I have a pitying heart, not to mention a soul. Eric and Zach find us and Lloyd backs off because they tell him to. Eric and I go back to his house and Zach and Lloyd prepare to leave. It was bad. Very obnoxious. Very scary. Very sad. Someone knocks on the door. It's Lloyd. "Please let me talk to her one more time, I promise I won't scream" I consent and we go into the backyard. I don't even know what we talk about. The next thing I know, cops are there and we are being questioned for a domestic disturbance call. I just want them to leave so I can go to sleep so I proceed to tell them that Lloyd is a big baby and everything is fine and he's mad because I had sex with his friend and he's leaving and it is all over and I am so sorry for disturbing the peace. The cop was nice and nodded along and said he was glad everyone was okay. The cop inside questioning Lloyd was just about ready to go, but for the hell of it decides shine his flashlight around the house for good measure. Spots some stems and seeds on the kitchen table and it's all over. All 7 people in the house at the time are woken up by the cops and we all sit in the living room for 5 hours (until 8:30. Remember how tired I was? NOTHING compared to then). The cops obtain a warrant and search the whole house (even though they had already gone into Greg/Beccas room and flashed their light around. Without a warrant. Actually they didn't even have permission to enter the house in the first place. Just "probable cause"....don't get me started...). Greg, Becca, and Eric all get arrested. Brandon doesn't- the only person who lives there that doesn't. Because they don't find anything in his room. Longest-Story-Ever-Shortened-Just-A-Bit: Eric has a felony and Greg and Becca have misdemeanors. Very horrific. Lloyd. Sucks.

So that's where my life is right now. I am so upset about everything. There is so much I want to blog but can't.

I am not speaking to Lloyd. A few people aren't, actually.

I got a parking ticket the next day for being too far away from the curb, and parked facing the wrong way. I was parked in a cul de sac. so it's pretty impossible to park right against the curb. the wrong way? holy shit EVERYONE in texas should have tickets for that. Those fucking bastards. I am pissed about everything right now. EvERYTHING.

My ticket is 150 dollars but my car is not in my name, so I can't pay it. The car isn't in the name of the guyI bought it from either. It is in his father in laws name. I was told that I cannot pay this ticket. I have to bring whoever is on the title to pay it. Ridiculous. Guess how much it costs to get the car in my name? AT LEAST another 150.

I am moving to Houston in August to help my dear galpal Allison out. Her baby (my goddaughter) is due in October. She is 18 years old and more responsible than most 30 year olds. She has a full time job, she is a full time student, she has a loving supportive family, and the father of the baby is an idiot. She has been dating him for over 3 years. They've lived together fo r the past 8 months or so. She left him because she couldn't put up with him anymore, and then 3 days later discovered she was pregnant. She didn't get back together with him because of this and I couldn't be more proud of her. Her and I (And Amber Grace...Ava Grace....Alivia Grace....depending on the day) are getting a house in August and we're going to live our lives out there for awhile. I am so happy to do this, because I have baby fever as we all know, and this IS my goddaughter after all.

I am planning on doing shows this summer, but Lloyd is planning on doing the same shows. I am going to tell the directed when I audition that if he gets cast I will not be doing the shows. I hate that I have to back down on them. I really think it should be him. I know him though and I know he won't do that. Same place as last year. I am excited for auditions.

Sorry this post got so sporadic. I am being a huge hater right now.

My car doesn't work by the way. Clutch is out. If ANYONE out there has an extra car that they can rent to me for the next 2 months I would be SO GRATEFUL. Please let me know, and I hope everyone in the bloggosphere is doing exponentially better than I am.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excuses, excuses....

I promise you guys I always MEAN to update. It is always something that I know I want to and need to do- I just don't get around to it. SO SO SO SO SO much has happened since one month ago. So much.

Without going into lots of detail about the past month, because I don't have a lot of energy-

I am not in school. When I got pregnant I changed my fafsa. When I miscarried I changed it again. None of my financial aid went through on time because fafsa's take FOREVER to process. SO I couldn't afford school this semester. SO I had to drop out. SO I feel like a loser.

I have a full time job at the daycare down the street from my apartment in Denton. I have my own class. I teach the 13-17 month olds. They are awesome and adorable and I cannot wait to find a new job. I make 7.25 an hour working 45 hours a week. It is both fun and miserable. I can do better. But it's hard to find a job in Denton. As I may have mentioned before.

Lloyd and I are together again. Surprised? Me too. We've been together again for over a month now. He hasn't screwed up majorly yet. The moment he does though? Bye bye Lloyd. He knows that. So he's really actually making an effort this time. There are lots of things to say about Lloyd, but I am not sure who reads this anymore, and some things that I would LOVE to blog about are really just not my business to blog about. So maybe some other time.

My puppy lives with my parents right now. They hate him. But really they love him. They can deny their love all they want, but everyone (including them) knows that they love him. He is getting really big, and he still loves me the most. He is really smart and can come on command, and sit, and go to his kennel, and walk without a leash. He's the best. He is 20 pounds now. CRAZY.

Healthwise? Oh man internet. I have a urinary tract infection. ALSO a bladder infection. ALSO a kidney infection. Also a kidney stone. If your vagina doesn't hurt after reading that then teach me how to also have a super vagina. I don't know internet. I don't drink soda. I drink plenty of water and juice. I need to cut back on drinking milk (too much calcium can cause kidney stones in the kidney stone prone people like myself). I have missed all of work this week, was in the hospital on friday, went to the doctor today, and I have so many different kids of neat pills prescribed to me I don't even know where to begin.

There is this one pill that NUMBS my urinary tract (which is nice because peeing? HURTS.) and also turns my pee BRIGHT orange. Like....cartoon orange. Also, it REALLY numbs the urinary tract. So I leak a little bit. So I have to wear a pad constantly. Which is okay- because guess what internet? I AM ALSO ON MY PERIOD. So in case my poor vagina wasn't going through enough, it is also bleeding. After I pee, it looks like fire. Bright orange and bright red. It is symbolic of how my kidneys feel.

I was allergic to the antibiotics the hospital put me on- so since Friday, I have lost a total of SEVEN pounds. I now weigh less than I have since my first boyfriend broke up with me and the only food I could choke down for 3 months was ice cream and nyquil.

There you go internet. A really quick and not very detailed update on my life. As soon as my midsection doesn't feel like it will implode at any given moment, I will try for a better post. Have a lovely St. Patrick's Day.

*Lacey Jane*

Monday, February 23, 2009

for lack of creative title: Today

Today sucks worse than other days.

Today someone told on me for having the cutest dog alive in my apartment and now I am being fined and I have to be rid of him by tonight.

So does anyone in the DFW area want to borrow a wonderful puppy for a few months? Until May. When Jamie and I are getting a house.

PLEASE I don't want to get rid of him permanently.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Note To Self:

List of things I need to remember to extensively blog about:

1. school
2. work
3. lloyd
4. buster
5. the fam
6. the plan
7. halloween
8. heroes
9. lost
10. theater

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Hate Today.

And not because it is Valentines Day. I love Valentines Day. I will be seeing my Valentine later when he gets off work.

But just- today. In general.


speeding ticket (second one this week)

puppy poop. everywhere but on the puppy training pad. which he likes to eat and play with. not poop on.

being really really really poor.

not wanting to blog because I hate doing nothing but complain.

I swear very soon you will get a 100% complete Life of Lacey update.

and it will be long.

and you will read it and comment on it.

as for now, happy valentines day.

-Lacey Jane

"I heard someone say 'last one there is a rotten egg' today and it dawned on me that THAT is the expression I grew up saying. Not nigger egg. Rotten egg. I can't believe I have been saying nigger egg for years and years....and teaching it to you guys! Oh man. Where is my mind?"

where indeed, mother?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Arrested Development

Anyone ever get into Arrested Development? It's truly hilarious. My family can appreciate it because the show is about a crazy family, not unlike our own. Sure the situations and characters are different, but the crazy is all kinds of there.

One of my favorite characters on the show (Although it varies from show to show because they're all spectacular) is the youngest brother of the main(est) character, Michael Bluth. His name is Byron Bluth, but everyone calls him Buster.

Buster has an interesting relationship with his mother. She babies him and she has him wrapped around her little finger. Buster also is kind of a whiny neurotic freak. He has anxiety attacks easily. He doesn't sound too intelligent when he talks (more like a scared 9 year old girl), but his parents have spent thousands of dollars ('cause they're rich) on various classes for him to be successful. And yet, he's older, still living with his mommy, and loving it.

Buster is bitchy. He's a pansy. He can't do too much by himself. But he's adorable and you just HAVE to love him because he's Buster.

For all those reasons. The puppy has been named Byron "Buster" Bluth.

He goes by Buster, Buster Bluth, or Baby Bluth.

Or really whatever comes out of my mouth when I talk to him...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Putting The Saga Aside For A Moment....

Everyone. This weekend was rough for me. Really rough.


Yes, a lot of it (all of it) had to do with Lloyd. But we must not hate. Really. Please don't hate him. I am fairly certain he will be a big part of my life one day. Not today. Today we are not talking. Or yesterday. Or for the next couple/few months. But one day. So no hating please. Everyone does stupid things. Lloyd just happens to do INCREDIBLY stupid things.

The point is, without going into more detail- I deserve love and cuddles from someone who won't do incredibly stupid things..

So, meet my new love/cuddle buddy.

He is currently nameless, but oh so adorable, loving, and did I mention cuddly?

.............I meant to get a cute, self sufficient, cuddly KITTEN....but let's face it. I am a dog person. And I couldn't resist him. I mean honestly.

Monday, February 2, 2009

If They Wrote A Book...

So, as most of you know, my life is fairly dramatic.

And I admit that.

I am fairly confident that if someone WERE to write a play/book/film based on my life, it wouldn't sell well, because it would be TOO fake. TOO made up. Not real enough.

But I assure you it is real! I can't believe some of the things that happen to me. It is a toss up between crying about my life and laughing about it.

Obviously I have a story for you.

Tune in next time for The Lloyd Saga (Part I)

*Lacey Jane*

"Jack in the box?"

-Jamie & I.

Also the reason part I of the lloyd saga will not be written right now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

The weather is horrible, but we don't have classes!

HI there. My name is Lacey. It is nice to meet you all. I apologize for not updating in um. Years? Weeks? Well whatever, I apologize. Lots and lots of things to go over with you fine people, but for now just know that I am happy that classes were canceled today and tomorrow, possibly Thursday. Pretty sweet.

Right now I am hosting a stay-inside-and-do-nothing party. We've been drinking a bit, eating a bit.... I made a pork roast with baby potatoes and baby carrots, and then made a yellow cake with homemade icing, melted marshmellows, and mnm's on top. Yup. Sometimes I am creative.

Everything was delicious, so I was rather pleased with the outcome. Now we're watching movies and basically doing nothing. It's good weather for that.

Be safe everyone!

*Lacey Jane*

"So, Jamie says I'm your favorite?"

-Dave and I

I lied. He is totally my fave.

Monday, January 19, 2009


my period needs to start.

like. now.

that is all.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Still Alive. Sort Of.

Guess what internetland? I'm sick. Just like always. I have a cold. A really bad one too! It's awesome. So blogging has been scarce, because I don't have anything totally awesome to blog about. Maybe one day soon. For now, I am still uploading old xanga entries and missing the days when I used to be funny.