Friday, July 2, 2004

I LEAVE FOR THE CRUISE AT 9 AM!! I am really exited, if you couldn't tell...
My mother is making me keep a journal, so when I get back there will be a long, annoying xanga entry alll about the cruise, so be prepared to be really bored. I will see most of you when I return..the 11th I i dunno...get online late on the 11th and maybe I will be on too...nothing much to say- im really anxious to go. love you all! (most of you anyhow)

*Lacey Jane*

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Today was simply splendid!
I woke up not too early, not too late, and I went and babysat three darling little babies for two hours while jamie went to the doctor. They were very good and no one got hurt. the oldest was almost one and the youngest was 6-8 months old- i wasnt sure. But they are such cuties and I love them all so much. Afterwards, I went to a spa with Andy and got a manicure & pedicure, which was wonderful. My nails havent looked this good since the Starlight gala, which was the last time I got them done. After the spa we went to Wal*Mart, Ulta, DSW, Al's Formal Wear, and then back to Andys house where I ate some salad that I actually liked (cuz usually I don't like salad)!! And now I am home, packing for the cruise which I leave for on Saturday morning. I will be packing all of tomorrow because I am an AWFUL packer and I haven't a clue where to begin, or what to begin with. So if anyone has any tips- those would be greatly appreciated!!!! Also, I have a choir concert tomorrow, so I need to be completely ready to go by 530, so I won't have to worry about anything after the concert. I think a fair few amount of people are spending the night *courtesy of Jamie* including the famed Lauren that is just a rumor I heard, so no one get too excited, okay?? and HOPEFULLY my lost, ghost best friend, Heather will be able to join us.
okay i do believe I have bored you all enough with my ramblings about my splendid day, so I shall retire..

what is it about italics that make me want to use words like "shall" and "retire" and "where for art thou?"...I guess we shall never know.
MWAH! goodnight everyone!
*Lacey Jane*

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

i cant think of any exciting things that happened today...One miracle occured though...are you ready for this??


ok ok...breathe...I know that's hard to believe...but...believe it, because it is TRUE!!!!

Mi sitio est limpia.

that was for the spanish speakers out there.

umm..i slept in, cleaned my room, watched a movie with andy, went hot tubbing, played with my babies *the kittens* and came home and lost three games of sequence, twice to andy, once to annie. crazy day? no. but thats all right. tomorrow looks busy. have a great night everyone!

*lacey jane*

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

ugh. I was babysitting an 8 year old named Mitchell who kept saying stuff like "we should go somewhere where we could be completely alone.." it was weird..and yeah i was driving him home from karate and thats when the rain started coming down SO bad i couldnt see at all and then my car breaks down in the middle of the street and i dont have a cell phone so we swim through the rain to the neighborhood where mckellie lives and shes not home and so we knock on like 5 peoples doors before finding someone who was home and we used his phone and eventually got my car started. it sucked. the end.

Monday, June 28, 2004

greetings everyone who reads this! (all of 4 people that know about it right now) hehe..I hope you are all doing splendidly!! Today was all right...I got up at 11 and hung out with Andy all day and on occasion Annie, Jamie and nick. No Eric since the arcade, so I miss him. And I really havent seen too much of anyone else this Andrew and Sam and that gang...And so yeah if anyone feels like doing anything e-mail me... and we'll see what we can do.. I go on a cruise in 5 days from today and I'm SO excited...
I played Balderdash today. I LOVE that game!! hehehe....
so far im pretty proud of myself. I've been updating this thing every day...
i know ive only had it for three days, but still...
goodnight everyone- nothing else to type about that is of any relevance to anything!
*lacey jane*

Sunday, June 27, 2004

hi was pretty much a normal Sunday. Went to church with some people then came home and played Sequence (this awesome old person game that Danizzelle introduced to me) for about an hour and a half with Annie, Danielle, and Alex R....that was amusing. Danielle and I were on a team and we beat Annie and Alex more than they beat us. Alex was amusing because he got so hyper and stuff...he is so mature but sometimes immaturity shines through us all. But I like it. Anyways then Andy came over and Jamie was there too and we had a mini party thing where we were all SUPPOSED to swim but as it was cloudy the water was SOOO cold, so no one really got in. On a side note- Charlotte and I (the splashtaculars) are going to kill that man sam. (but not S.A.M, cuz i love that guy) *ahem* anyways then I went to the rehearsal for Fridays choir concert. It wasnt that great. I HATE the song we're singing. it makes NO sense at ALL. Now i am at home. I need to stop eating..i eat a lot these days. I am like the thing that wouldnt stop eating.
i ate some yogurt just then.
but thats good for you right?? it makes all the cookies go away. yeah. thats right. I make up health rules and i abide by them!!
so yeah. sure sign that im tired- i ramble on about things that i dont even know that im talking about until i glance up and read it and im like WHAT?
so goodnight- before i talk of ducks.
*lacey jane