Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Enough Karma

Lloyd is in Rocky Horror Picture Show with me. So far, rehearsals have been fine. Very awkward, yes, but fine. Much better than in May when I tried to do a show with him. That was just too soon. Too close to that terrible night that ruined lives and horrified others. During rehearsal, we avoid any and all contact, be it verbal, physical, or even eye contact. We find ourselves on opposite sides of the room. He buries himself in comic books or friends, and I bury myself in Word Warp on my iPhone (or Unblock Me- also a great game). A few days ago however, Lloyd texted me and asked if we could just stop this and be friends. We really can't be friends, I told him, but at least we could speak like normal people and make eye contact.

As much as I hate Lloyd, I really cannot afford the Karma it takes to hold a grudge. He didn't cripple my credit and my finances, therefore ruining a good few years of my life, Like he did to Eric. I suppose because I am selfish, I can at least forgive him for all the hurt he caused me over the last coulple years. I was the one who put up with it and kept letting him do it to me over and over again. My bad, really...

In other news- Tristan is crowning right now as I type this. I will be going to Houston (for real this time) on Friday to meet him. I wish I was there but at the same time I wonder how I would handle being there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rocky Horror and Tristan Vaughn

Just a couple things today....

1. I got cast as Janet Weiss in the Rocky Horror Show in Grapevine!!!! I am so excited! This is up there in my top 5 dream roles! Woohoo!

2. My Godson, Tristan, is scheduled to be born early Sunday morning, so after my show on Saturday, Jamie and I will be road tripping it to Houston to kiss the baby and then leave in time for me to be back Sunday at 7 for rehearsal. I wish I could skip this ONE rehearsal, but we only have a few weeks. Rocky Horror opens October 16th.

My house is complete and awesome. My boyfriend is awesome. My job is less than awesome, but I am thankful that I have a job!

....So that's it. Pretty lame. No great stories. Not this time.

*Lacey Jane*

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The Crack House is almost completely 100% livable. For now we still need a refridgerator and a washer/dryer. Even Craigslist is too expensive for us at this point, but soon enough! Unpacking and working and doing shows is very difficult, but like I said- we are almost finished! Woohoo!

That's really all I have for an update? Wow. What a lame life lately.....

Oh! I auditioned for some more shows....Rocky Horror Picture Show... Dog Sees God.... some Christmas show... So that's pretty lame. I don't have the time or money to do that.'s a serious addiction!

*Lacey Jane*

"Mom just told me the story of how she lost her virginity."
"....You win."

-Dave and I. I miss him!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Crack House

Callie, Eric and I have officially moved into our new (old) townhome! We call it The Crackhouse, because it seems the people that lived here before us didn't bother cleaning up before us, and the landlady missed a couple things (Needles in a random drawer, crackpipes in peices outside in the corner...etc). Other than a couple quirks, this place is a steal. So much room for so cheap! The neighborhood isn't terrible. I was awoken yesterday morning to the sounds of children playing outside. There are quite a few of them in these townhomes.
Unpacking is a different post all together. Mainly because we are FAR from finished unpacking. Today will be a good day for that because neither of us work until much later. So I am off to borrow my moms obnoxious Rainbow Whatever vaccuum cleaner....and buy gloves... Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

"So your mom tells me you and Callie don't want me to know where you live."
"We don't want anyone to know where we live."

-Dad and I.....It's true that we don't want them to know where we live, but soon enough our daughterly guilt will get to us.