Monday, July 13, 2009


Nice to see you! Where HAS the time gone? I guess working every morning and rehearsing every night and doing shows every weekend has COMPLETELY CONSUMED MY LIFE!

....I also have a new boyfriend! Well, technically he's not new- you've heard of him- but now he's my boyfriend and a very spectacular one at that (so far ;-) Eric rocks, the end.

This is my pitiful excuse for an update because I have to take a shower and get ready for day 1 of tech week for Evil Dead the Musical! If you live in the North Texas area (coughCristina/Tine/Dianacoughcough), you should try to come out and see it!

We open Friday and run for three weeks (thursday/friday/saturday) at 10:30 pm. The seating is VERY limited and we're already selling plenty of tickets so callllll and reserve yours SOON!

Oh blogger, my long lost love...One day I will return and have lots of awesome news (hopefully) and stories to share.

right now my life is consumed with debt and bills and being an adult. LAME.

*Lacey Jane*

"I'm sexy! I'm cute! And so evil to boot! I'd kill you with these guns, but I don't think they shoot!"
-excerpt from "Look Who's Evil Now" a song in Evil Dead the Musical