Friday, July 15, 2005

so i talked to that one friend today and got the rumor all cleared up. It was all a bit silly, actually. But now I am a complete emotional mentruating fool who just spent the last 40 minutes reading someones entire xanga and crying because i miss her.
what's sad is that I miss her so much and I know she doesn't miss me at all.
so i shouldnt care really.
but i really do and i dont know why.
oh dear. here come the tears.
why am i so dumb.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

SOOOOO I am back from the cruise...And it was completely awesome, I had a great time, didn't get too sick- just really dizzy a lot- but whatever, it was a blast!! Everyone who worked on the cruise was sooo nice, just like I wish everyone was everywhere. Andy got all his hair chopped off and some blonde lowlights, which sounds awful, but it actually looks quite nice. The girl who did it was so adorable with an adorable accent. She was from the UK and she kept calling everybody love. It was precious. We went on a helmet dive in cozumel and the diver was so mean to me because I asked him not to give me fish food when we were under the sea and just for a laugh, he shoved it in my face and I got pummeled with fish. and i HATE when fish touch me. It makes me scared. So I cried but only just a little and the mean mexican laughed at me and so I hit all the fish away with my underwater camera, and I used an Eric tactic, turning my camera into a gun and powed all the fish away. It made Andy laugh. And I sure showed those damn fish. They oggled at me. But it was an oggle of fear.
And now I am home, and I am back to babysitting a lot. I am still between schools, but I think my mother is just going to find a buncha tutors and whatnot for Dave and I next year. Andy wants to do whatever I do, which is sweet- but I don't know if he will like it much. I miss a lot of people that I really would like to hang out with before school starts, but everyone including myself is either too busy or too lazy to do anything about it, so I don't really mind, I will just see them some other time I guess....A LOT of stuff happened when I was gone involving some close friends. Two different people that I know that barely know eachother have a lot of rumors started about them. Both having to do with sex, and this is bugging me a little bit because I think one of them is hiding from me because I've known her for so long and I love her so much and I havent gotten to talk to her in 2 1/1 weeks. She was at camp, then i went on the cruise and she isnt ever home when i call her, but sometimes i wonder if she really is or not. and the other one is kindve dumb because the parents just need to stop talking to my friend about it, and talk to their child, (whom the rumor is about) and whatever. I am sick of it really- I just need to talk to that first friend. It is worrying me that she is going crazy. I love her and miss her so much. My Starlight Status is all iffy, I dont know whats going on. I think i may get kicked out of womens ensemble because i am not involved in any other SPATS activity, and thats one of the requirements.
My life as of current isn't bad at all. I am usually pretty pleasant to be around and I enjoy the company of most. Not many complaints, I just wish I could talk to a few people and see what is really going on. Have a nice night. Sorry for the delay in updation.
*Lacey Jane*