Friday, July 9, 2010

Best Article I Read Today:::::

So I read various articles and studies every single day. I would say a good 65-70% of my online time is devoted to it. In an effort to slowly get back into blogging (even though I want a new blog- I just haven't thought of a good name yet) I have decided to post the most interesting/informative/helpful/generally awesome study/article/etc that I come across on that given day.

Today I will share an article that helped me personally come to terms with some things that maybe I have felt ashamed about before. I immediately wanted to send it to everyone on facebook. I decided against this for now because I don't think many of the people on my facebook would take it seriously or even try to read the whole thing. I may be underestimating them, but just to be on the safe side (I don't feel like having to defend myself today) I thought I would just share with you guys :o)

It Starts in the Womb: Helping Parents Understand Infant Sexuality

There it is. It might take anywhere from 15-20 minutes for you to read it, and I would highly recommend reading the entire thing.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What I Am Doing Lately....

I am in the process of making a newrevampedsuperawesome blog, but until then, just read this and I'll disappear for awhile again :)

Lately, instead of writing, I have been reading. A lot. Reading so many things that past-me would have thought my head might explode from all the reading. Unlike past-me, however, I am actually SUPER interested in everything I have been reading about lately! Here is a rundown of how my thoughts went in the last few months...

I know I love babies and children and have been that way since I was a child myself.

I know I want the best for babies and children.

When I was pregnant I was researching different methods of labor and I quickly opted out of a scary hospital birth. Then I started learning.

Maybe I will be a sonogram technician?

Nix that- too many men come in for ball scans. Can you imagine scanning balls all day? Puke. And how would I feel if a low-risk mother came in for a sonogram every week, for no medical reason? Puke.

Maybe I will become a midwife?

Nope- Too much responsibility and schooling. Maybe later in life though, after some experience.

If only there was something I could do that all it would require is for me to study and learn on my own, but not take up every minute of my day (have to look to the future- I want kids and I want to be able to give them plenty of attention) still be able to help people (mainly women. Mainly pregnant women), and help me feel like I am part of something. Like a movement. So, I am now studying to become a Doula. This way, I do feel like I am a part of something. A movement towards better birthing practices in the United States. As long as I still live in this country, I have to strive to make it better, and helping educate women on something that the United States doesn't educate us on is how I am going to do it.

There are not many doula classes around here! I did find one starting in October in Austin though, and right now that is where I am aiming to go. In the meantime though, I have books to read, and blogs to learn from, so I will go back into my quiet corner.

Thank you Marcy and Cristina for all that you write about and teach me. There are lots of other blogs that I have been reading non-stop, but they are mainly through you two. I have been reading your blogs since I was 16 years old. That's 6 years! You two have had quite the impression on me. So for realz guys- thanks :o)

....back in the quiet corner for now...

*Lacey Jane*