Friday, June 19, 2009

Once Again I Have Taken On A Lotttt....

And thusly I am sickish. Yesterday I was sick, today I am just sickish, but hopefully I am resting enough for my lame body to heal up, because I have lots going on!

I got cast as ensemble in Rent and I was all set to do it, knowing Lloyd would be there. I mentally prepared myself and convinced myself I didn't need a xanax.

The first two hours were okay. I didn't look at him as much as I could, and there were enough people to where I could see three weeks of doing that working out pretty well. Then, cliche moment of my life, we started singing Seasons Of Love, wherein it talks about measuring a year of your life. HOW COULD I HELP IT? I thought about the last year of MY life (of which he was such a huge part) and then it happened. The waterworks. I calmly put my script down in the middle of the song, and walked out the back of the room. No one noticed. Ish. Then I had Sobfest '09 in the bathroom for another hour and a half before everyone left. When I came back out and got my purse and script, I talked to the director and apologized and told her I couldn't do it.

I tried.

But on the plus side, she's doing a highschool production of Highschool Musical 2, and I don't know if I have mentioned my love for HSM in general, but it would be really fun and funny to just do ensemble for that show instead. SOOOO that's what I will probably do instead of Rent. That gives me until the 1st to decide on whether or not I will do that.

Allison (girl I was moving in with in Houston) decided she wants to stay at her moms until January (Tristan will be about 3 months old then) before moving, so that puts me in an awkward position until then. I really would like to move earlier than that. In August, preferrably. Alex wants to move to Austin. I don't, but maybe for 6 months it won't be so bad.

Let's see let's see.... I have to go to work at 10, so I am trying to make this fast...

Hmm.. I got my hair done! Woo! I never spend money on myself, but when I do, it is on something ridiculous, like an expensive haircut! My favorite! I asked her to style and shape my hair, and blonde it up just a little bit. I am a natural blonde, but for the summer I wanted to be a bit blonder. She shaped it up and styled it and I LOVE the cut, but then she REALLY REALLY REALLY blonded it up. Dave walked in later after I had gotten home, and did a double take. He turned on the lights and was like "Hmm... it looks like...OMG like I am SO a BLONDE!"

So yeah. She Malibu Barbied my hair, but it's okay. I'm rockin' it.

Wow. A whole paragraph on my hair. That's spectacular.

Um.... I miss Heather a LOT. She needs to return asap.

I miss Jamie a lot too, but luckily I saw her yesterday.

Eric is still wonderful. No change there.

Dave leaves today for a 6 week ballet intensive in Colorado! Oh man! I miss that kid already!

Okay off to work. Wish me luck on being not so phlegmmy!

Monday, June 8, 2009


A quick update for you beautiful folks...

I have yet to hear back from Rent callbacks... they went extraordinarily well, for other people moreso than for me, but still... very well... there was a lot and I mean A LOT of talent in that room. I probably will not get cast in a larger role but that is okay.

Rehearsals for Reefer Madness begin on Saturday, so I thought I would work AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE until then. My schedule is as follows then for this week:

babysit 9-2, 2 boys- a 4 year old and his 7 month old rolly brother. SO ROLLY. I can't even count how many rolls this adorable baby has.

nap 230-430

restaurant work 6-2

sleep 230-8


WOOOO for a 60+ hour work week!

Have a fantastic week guys! And keep me somewhere in your minds- you're never far from mine!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Blogger...Always A Nice Computery Shoulder To Cry On....

al;ksdjf;lksdajf ;lkasdj f;lasdkfjUGHGHGHGHGH i hate being a girl and being SO EMOTIONAL.

I need to not care about such ridiculous things but I cannot help it right now.

I am not making any money at work and it SUCKS.

Lloyd got cast in Rent. I WAS SO EXCITED TO HAVE A LLOYD FREE SUMMER and he got cast in a show that I wanted to do.

I decided to go to callbacks and if I DO happen to get Mimi or Maureen I will suck it up and do it. I just HATE him for this. I would love to one day be friends with Lloyd but it won't happen anytime soon.

He got cast as Collins. Gay black guy. Typical.

OH MY GOODNESS blogger. He also has a girlfriend. So that's cool. I realize I kinddd of have a boyfriend and it used to be a friend of his but it still really makes my heart hurt. A lot.

And I cannot even coherently type I just have so much negative emotion right now and I don't want to bitch about it to a lot of people. I can't bitch about him anymore because I am even sick of hearing me bitch about it. That's a neat thing about computers. I am bitching but I cannot HEAR myself doing it!

Very nice.

Anyway. So, yes, right now, I am hating. And it does not feel good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lions and Tigers and OwlBears, Oh My! *(Alternate Title: The Economy Is Making Me Cry)

Auditions went well for Reefer Madess/Evil Dead The Musical/Rent. I got called back for all three of them. Reefer callbacks did NOT go well at all, mainly because Lloyd was there and I was fighting tears and vomit the whole time. We made no eye contact and I had the worst callback I have ever had in my life (NO I am not being dramatic I am for REALZ). Then Lloyd left and magically I pwn'd my Evil Dead callback. Subsequentially, I got cast as ensemble in Reefer Madness (like last year), and Shelley in Evil Dead- which is awesome. Both shows are sure to be a ton of fun. I had fun doing ensemble last year, so I will have fun doing it this year. Lloyd won't be around. So that's good.
Rent callbacks are on Saturday and I am fairly nervous because I am being called back for Maureen and Mimi. Both of these roles are very very difficult to sing, and I was asked to prepare 2 songs for each of them (Over The Moon & Take Me or Leave Me for Maureen, Out Tonight & Another Day for Mimi), but I am still pretty happy to be called back. My hopes are not high for these parts, but it is still cool to be called back.
In other news, I really need to take defensive driving for my speeding tickets that I obtained back in February. I realize I am cutting it close because I am pretty sure I have to have it done by the 10th ish or so... But it is hard to do when you have no money and your bank sucks and you're so far in debt that it makes your head hurt but hey! Welcome to America and our AWESOME ECONOMY.
Tomorrow I will be evening out the debt and closing my bank account. Then I will be banking the old fashioned way (money in a drawer?) for an indefinite amount of time. Well, probably until I move to Houston... So at least a couple months.
I learned something very important in the past few years of being a grown up. Giving banks or anything else your cell phone number is a VERY VERY BAD IDEA. Your home number is good enough (even if you don't live at home), and keeps you from wanting to be THAT PERSON who YELLS AT THE BILL COLLECTORS who WILL. NOT. STOP. CALLING.
They call me from 8am to 10pm. Is that even legal? I both feel extremely sorry for and HATE the people who have those jobs. They can't help that their lives suck and that's what they do for a living. At least they have a job, I guess, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to take a chainsaw to their tongue.

....Harsh? YOU WOULD BE TOO.

Aside from everything else, Eric is still being very nice to me, and complimenting me and taking me on dates (and PAYING for it?), and going out of his way to make me happy every single day, which is all very strange and very nice. Yay Eric.

That's all for now. Send financially good thoughts my way!

.....oops... I guess I should explain owlbear...

Internet, against my better judgment, I will expose to you a secret that I (may have already exposed) do not tend to expose to anyone.

...I have joined a DnD clan.

Anyone know what that is? Maybe a couple of you? No? Yes?

Dungeons and Dragons. A RPG (role playing game). It sounds far more kinky than it actually is. Eric is our DM (Dungeon Master), and there are about 9 of us in the clan (4 main ones, 5 others that show up sometimes). I have made my character and written my characters backstory. If you ask nicely, maybe I will post my backstory. For now I will tell you that I am a human bard named Minna. I decided to be a support character for my first go at DnD and so far I am having a lot of fun. I was late to our last gathering because of callbacks, but when I arrived, my collegues (Black Tusk the half orc, Thornmill Thornhill the Elf, and the priest whose name I forget) were fighting an owlbear, which is a (you guessed it!) half owl half bear. I took a picture of it on my phone (there was a picture in the rules book), and I will happily share it with you now: