Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Computer Science Class Right Now...

Andddd I'm rather bored. Right now we are doing labs. Tutorial 1 consists of going on a Word program and typing. your. name.

... Or something equally lame. This is very very boring, but very very easy- so I am not (really) complaining.

Update on the neighbor:

Her lungs are stronger and she will be receiving another treatment tomorrow! So that's really good news- but if you're a praying person, keep her and her fam in your prayers if you feel like it.

Update on the show:

I have to have my lines memorized by the FIRST REHEARSAL. BEFORE BLOCKING! That is going to be strange. I would say I am 75% memorized already- but it has been rough. Also repetitive. Also difficult. But worth it if I can actually have it DOWN by Tuesday.

Update on life:

Life. Hhahahahahhaha. Oh my life.

*Lacey Jane*

-my whole class. because this is ridiculous.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Alive, Xangaland....

All computers in my household are without chargers. They all broke. Because that's our life, I suppose.

Needless to say, this has been an interesting weekend/week full of sorrow as well as happiness.

Bad news first?

I have a neighbor who has cancer throughout her body. She was admitted to the hospital on Saturday morning and released last night. Basically her cancer has spread even worse than we figured, and we're lucky if she's with us for another few months. I hung out with her 12 and 14 year old a couple times this weekend and it amazes me how strong they are, when just looking at them makes me want to burst into tears (which I save for when they aren't around). I have known this woman for a bit over 10 years, and I respect and love her just as I respect and love my own mother, because she helped raise me. This neighborhood is blessed to be so close, and we're losing a part of our family. It has been a stressful and trying time, and really, all we can do is pray.

Good News!

Hey! I got cast in "Some Girls" as Tyler. This is exciting! I haven't done a play in a VERY. LONG. TIME. It surprised me to get cast because I feel so out-of-shape when it comes to acting, and tons of girls auditioned for this part. It was the fave. I believe it runs March 5-8 at TCC... I will have more info later- but everyone must come see it. Thankksss..

*Lacey Jane*

"Tater Tot Casserole!!! YUMMO! My FAVE!"
-Cecilia...the character my sister and I are constantly "fine-tuning"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

Soooo callbacks were last night for "Some Girls"...they went fairly well I guess...he is holding another round of callbacks...he cut half the girls and only 7 of them were called back for round 2. I was one of them- so hey! That's positive. There are only 4 woman parts to fill, so that's pretty intense I guess. Those are on Tuesday- so wish me luck!

*Lacey Jane*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday :o)

My Mothers' Wit

Long conversations with Jamieshaie

No school on Tuesday/Thursdays!

New Friends

The callback I got for "Some Girls" (I got called back for Tyler)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yesterdays Entry Was In An Old Handwritten Journal...

I auditioned for a play today! Yay! More info on that pending potential call back.

It was a really ironic day filled with hilarious issues brought on headstrong by my good pal, Karma. Good times.

Hope everyone else had a nice day....

*Lacey Jane*

Monday, January 14, 2008

Too Tired To Blog, But....

This weekend was lovely. On Friday I worked, nothing spectacular to report about work, except I am looking for another (better paying) job. Note: I will ALWAYS be looking for another (better paying) job.
I had Saturday off! I joined a lovely Cristina to see John, Pam and Lindsey's show, The Goodbye Girl. The best part of the show was seeing John, Pam, and Lindsey afterwards . The show itself would have been good- but I didn't particularly enjoy the leading lady, or her daughter...who was her real life daughter as well. Wonder how she got that role?

Afterwards, Cristinas' Freddy cooked a wonderful spectacular delicious dinner, and we ate whilst watching Legally Blonde 2. Cuteee movie, I love Reese Witherspoon, although her name bothers me a little bit.

Then Cristina forced me to eat the remainder of the cake in her fridge. Forced me. Against my will. That tart! It was a lovely evening, most definitely.

Sunday I worked 8-4 (see below), and then went out to dinner with Callie. We had to leave in a slightly embarrassed state because we had each other laughing so hard that people probably thought we were baked. It was really fun though. We came home and took a nap and watched movies.

Today I went to the doctor. Got there at 4:13, and didn't get to leave until 6:30. Really awesome, Dr. K. It went well. I have sinus issues. Who doesn't?

There. This entry officially wins the Most Boring Entry Ever Award.

*Lacey Jane*

Sound Advice From Dad:

"You can't have sex or heroine 'til you're married."

Saturday, January 12, 2008


The Goodbye Girl I saw today,

Lindsey would have rocked harder, I must say,

If she were the lead, but alas she was not.

The girl that was? Annoying as...well..really.. a lot.

Oh my life.

*Lacey Jane*

(As I was typing today..)

"Geez Lacey!! Why aren't you working in an office?"

"gee mom. I just really love telling people where to sit."


Friday, January 11, 2008

10 Hour Days= no fun= more money

Funny how that works...

Today was...long. Very long. Tomorrow I am off, and looking forward to sleeping in... Unless I can't get a ride to the show, and therefore have to get up a little early to go with Cristina. Hopefully I can find a ride. Sleeping in sounds nice... it will be the last day to sleep in for awhile. Work on Sunday at 8am, and school starts Monday! I am taking Acting, Government, and Computer Science.

Working in a restaurant kind of sucks because I am always hungry when I am working. Always. Or thirsty. It's lame. I am a hostess right now, but working on learning the menu to be a server. I should know it pretty soon... It is HUGE but I have been working on it for hours a day during training.

I am boring myself. Nothing exciting in my life=nothing exciting in my blog.

Sorry loyal reader(s).

*Lacey Jane*

"you're really funny. please stay at the host stand."
-the highschool hostess girls i work with. Leah, Danielle, and Amanda. They're really cute!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Finally registering for Spring Classes that start, um- Monday.

Michael Jackson, for his unending cuddlefests.

Having a job, even if it's lame.

(trying to) Enjoy(ing) these last 8 months or so of living at home,
being with my family, and looking forward to being on my own again.

Going to see a show on Saturday with Cristina. She's a cool lady.
You should probably get to know her if you don't already.

Miss Heather Kay, who helped me out a lot over Winter Break. What a pal.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why Oh Why Wednesday (my fave!)

This is the singularly negative posting-day I have set aside out of the week. It will be full of why's and woes, stresses and strife. Fraught with trials and tribulations, hardships and heartaches...brimming! with ...well... you get the idea? Right.

Today... Today I started training at that restaurant that you have all (not) heard so much about. Being a hostess to start is... everything I knew it would be. It is boring, it is lame, my uniform makes me look like a shapeless amoeba... Other than that? It will make money for a bit until I can get a better job at a bank.

Heather leaves tomorrow morning to go back to Austin and I hate her for it... in a jealous way. i will be going to visit her asap.

I miss my Kansas friends and I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE!!! More importantly I wish to be up there with them, but it is indeed freezing up there, so I kind of wish that I was up there and it was freak-warm-weather-in-Kansas week, but whatever. I guess life doesn't work with me.

My neighbor is dyeing of cancer, which really royally sucks, and I hate myself for not being able to be strong for her. I want to break down and cry every time I see her, or every time I see one of her kids outside. This is also taking its toll on my mother-

My mother has a stressful life. She takes care of everyone and everything. That's a lot of taking care of a lot of people... and for some reason, her stresses make me all stressed out. When she gets upset, I get upset, especially if she's upset at me... Things are decent on the homefront- just...a lot of stress. Just like everywhere else. It isn't always like this- but it is right now.

Until next Wednesday...

I hate my life.

*Lacey Jane*

"I hate my life, Tobias
I hate my life, TOBIAS!
It's full of strife, Tobias.
So full of STRIFE, TOBIAS!"

-the song I sang to heather's tea-cup poodle. He really appreciated it, actually.

(the word "Tobias" is a lot lower than the rest of the song, in case you try to sing it.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nothing Negative...

...because it is Tuesday and that is what I decided for Tuesdays. Hopefully I can keep that up.

Today I had orientation for my new job at the restaurant in Southlake. I decided I should work in HR as soon as I can, because although it is a challenging job, it seems really awesome. I love people and helping them and working with them, and I think I could really thrive doing something like that. So now I have a goal to work toward. I plan on talking to people who are in HR and asking them what process they went through to get there. It is only a tiny, tentative step toward knowing what I will do with my life, but as of now I am thankful for even a tiny, tentative step in the right direction- forward.

*Lacey Jane*

"are you ready for a miracle?"
"ready as I can be!"

...I watched "Evan Almighty" today. I thought it was really cute- and had fun music.
...Fun music that is now stuck in my head.
...In a positive way!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

If you could choose a sentence to be inscribed on your tombstone, what would they be and why?

Here Lies:

J. Lacey Jane Smith
Pimped North Texas 1988-2008

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

Recapping This Weekend....

Is impossible. It was really fun and I had a goood one....

...It was the last weekend that Heather is in town though! She leaves Thursday.

that silly bitch

Good luck on getting through this week, everyone...

I start my new job tomorrow. I have never worked in a restaurant before, so wish me luck!

*Lacey Jane*

"I'm so super sexy."
(to be read in the retainer voice)
-Callie and I

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Really Lacey? Stanza Saturday?

Initally it started as a joke because Heather and I wanted to think of something funny for Saturday...and she thought of stanza...anyway...for this first Saturday....

Sat on the sofa almost all day.

Hung out with Laura, watched her toddlers play.

Met Spiderman, Superman, and Lightningman too,

All in the form of Ben and Jakiepoo.

Oh my life.

*Lacey Jane*

" I have to get all my tears out!"
-Ben, crying to his mom

Friday, January 4, 2008

Don't Have Much Time! Toddlers Alone in Kitchen!

But I can hear them...and every couple seconds, I'll bust out an "I LIKE TO EAT! EAT! EAT!" and they fill in for's usually the regular "Apples and Bananaaass" but Ben gets creative sometimes. For instance. A second ago, he liked to eat eat eat chicken nuggets and hamburgers. That's cool though.

"Are y'all being good?" "yeeahh" "da!"

a brand new 4 year old, and a 2 year old. Both boys. Ben and Jake.

"Why aren't we eating cake AND watching a movie at the same time?"

"Because cake is too messy to eat in the living room"

"Cake is NOT messy, Yacey."

"Yeah it is."

"Not it isn't"

"Bet it isn't"

"Cake is NOT! (*knocks plate on floor*) oh...Messy..."

Did you know that even wet paper towels do nothing but smear frosting all over a floor? Because I know that now.

These guys are the greatest.

Jake just came up and lovingly bit my elbow as I type.

"Did you just bit me"

*biggest grin ever* "byeeet"

"you shouldn't bite me jacob."


awww they are playing pretend!! Ben narrates and Jake repeats. They're a good pair.

Hope you all are having a lovely night. I love babysitting these two. They're my fave.

*Lacey Jane*


-Ben. what a peach.

**edit** this one was just too great:

Jake was sitting in my lap...and ben was yelling at him..."Daykub come fight me! DAYYYKUB!" and jake was innocently and sweetly settled in my lap..."Daycub!!!"

ben runs up.

"Daykub, cub kill me pweease....I'll be your best fwiend..."
"Kay!" he hops up and 4 seconds later, daykub is crying on the floor. great.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Because That's Just My Life...

My computer cord is being LAME as in it is NOT. WORKING. Which is LAME. And I HATE it. And I am ALMOST OUT OF BATTERIES BECAUSE OF IT. VERY. RIDICULOUS.

Basically I spent all day at Heathers' house with Heather. We played Scrabble and she won by 3 points, we ate disgusting food that makes me hate myself, we played Scattergories with Jess and her Boyfriend, and I pwn'd... All in all a good day.

If I have not already- I would like to take this time to mention my love for the movie "Enchanted" because well, let's face it, I L O V E that movie!!!

I almost started typing politics, but I will decide to save that until absolutely necessary.

I miss my Kansas friends a lot lately. More and more every millisecond of my life. I don't know what I will do with Heather leaves for school. Probably implode. Or something equally disgusting.

*sigh*...The Pig Farmer Lady on Deal or No Deal just won .01 cent. That is very very very sad. I feel terrible for her. It hurts my soul a little.

Blogging every day is going to be awful if it is always like this. I think (like Cristina) I will make a blogging schedule so not all of them are this one..haha

soooo let's see..

Sunday: 6 Word Sunday--- Mine will not be so artistic...They will most likely be vair lame. But I will try for it anyhow...

Monday: Recap of the Weekend!

Tuesday: Truly Terrific Tuesday (as in... an ALL POSITIVE POST)

Wednesday: Why oh Why Wednesday...where I rant and feel sorry for myself and hate the world.

Thursday: Thankful Thursday. Just like Cristina.

Friday: Fickle in...who knows what I'll write about...

Saturday: Stanzas Saturday- where I compose a stanza of a poem that will only be complete at the end of the year. So it would be a really really...really long poem. and you will love it. Honest.

So there we have it. I bet this lasts all year ( won't...but we'll see)

So- with no further hindrances...

Thankful Thursday
Heather. She's vair awesome. And her assbone is brokenish.
Scattergories. I am loving this game.
Job interview tomorrow! Let's all hope that goes well.
Blog comments (hint hint hint hint hint!!)
Stealing stuff like this from Cristina...Gotta love Cristina.
Being a Bridesmaid in April. That's pretty cool.

*Lacey Jane*

"Well do you wear her favorite color just so you can match her eyes?"
-line from a song from Enchanted...really just the sweetest movie...ever.

Hey No- This Still Counts!!

Even though it is 115 am- this will still count for my Wednesday post because um- hello? I am in college and this is a normal time of day for me to be awake and blogging.

Tonight my blog will be a movie review for the movie Juno- because well, I have seen it twice now, after tonight.

Two words. Love it. Love the music, love the acting, love the name "Liberty Bell", love the outcome, love the lingo- however far they might have taken it...

If you haven't seen this movie- just go. Go see it right now. Thanks. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Open your mind a bit.

Interview on Friday for the Hilton in Southlake.
Doctors appointment Monday because I cannot seem to shake this cold.
Anything else in my life that is important enough to blog about?
Not really.
My heart hurts.
But I love Heather. And we rollerblade, and she falls flat on her badonka. It wasn't specifically to make me laugh- but she sure knows how to make me laugh.
But you aren't allowed to laugh because really she might have seriously injured herself...x-rays to follow.

*Lacey Jane*

Instead of a quote I give a shoutout to Roommate...wherever she may be...Hope she knows how much I love and miss her!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ah I Forgot To Tell You....

January 1st's entry is not online. it is in my own personal list of resolutions :o) Todays entry will be right here like usual...but first i need to get out of bed....