Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Because Cristina called my bluff....

I really just love the following movies:PrimeWedding DateBoth have been watched in the last 24 hours. Both were adored. I may be going to Sugar Land on Friday. Hopefully I will be able to convince Elliott to watch one of them. He really hates chick flicks. But sometimes he will watch them with me- sometimes he will like them (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) and sometimes he will completely despise them (The Holiday)...But anyway...hmmm update update... Graham is no longer our third roommate. This is very sad news. But he pulled a huge asshole move- told Laura they were going "too fast" and then got a girlfriend that he is actually claiming less than a couple days later. Still- I miss him. I am tan and thin(ning)...The new 24mil dollar gym is simply AMAZING. I have been going every day since Monday (soo yeah- three days) and I plan on going at least 5 times a week. I stay for about an hour, and I am feeling pretty great about it. It makes me happier to know I am being healthier. I miss Coco Nutt a lot. *Lacey Jane*"When one knows the world is watching- One does what one must. Some minor adjustments, darling. Not for my vanity- but for humanity..."-Georgette from Oliver and Company. Voiced reeeally well by Bette Midler. GREAT song. Hilarity.

Monday, September 24, 2007

AWESOME. Then not.

DEFINITELY found a ride to Subway.Then got TWO FREE FOOT LONGS and a DRINK FOR FREE Because I BASICALLY ROCK. Friendliness really pays off, you know? *Does a funky Subway Dance**Lacey Jane*said the sandwich maker to the cashier: "Hey- She's good."as in, "SHE DOESNT HAVE TO PAY!"yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

I went and worked out for an hour.GO ME!and on the way back to my dorm- a small but noticeable bug flew into my eye.and because that is just NOT ENOUGH-it BIT ME ON THE EYE AREA- which results in GREAT PAIN and LOTS OF WETNESS which is REALLY DISGUSTING.*Lacey Jane*"REALLY GOD?!!?!? BECAUSE I THOUGHT WE WERE HOMEBOYS!!!"-me when a BUG BIT MY EYE.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because that's just my life...

The White Trash Party has been pushed back to NEXT weekend, because this weekend is Family Weekend, and people don't want to be hungover around their parents..or something... I don't know...I think that is pretty lame. Don't get wasted if you don't want to be hungover...Very simple. I can't go next weekend because I will be salsa dancing with Heather (very excited), so I really wish it was this weekend insteaddd!!! So now this weekend I have basically nothing planned to do, which makes me want to go to Sugar Land again. Although that is entirely possible- my Elliott finds it unnecessary for me to see him as much as I can, which very basically hurts my feelings. I understand that he wants me to stay here and make friends, but I have made plenty of friends- I just want to see him. What I don't understand is why he doesn't seem to want to see me. Oh well, guess we can't all have that kind of guy...whatever. My little brother just used the words "extra" "super" and "cute" all in one sentence. This would be okay if the sentence went something like "I saw this chick who had extra large breasts and super long legs and damn she was cute" or something equally annoyingly disgustingly male, but no...the sentence was "I'm sending you a picture of my ballet teachers new baby because she is extra super cute"....which is also all right, because I love Dave just the way he is. Didn't get my mythology exam back today either. "I will e-mail your scores later on this afternoon" says my very dry-humored Steven Wrightesque professor... I have not received anything yet, but have moved on to worry about my algebra exam I have at 8 in the morning because 1- who can concentrate on algebra at 8 in the morning enough to actually pass an exam and 2- why is it when i study algebra for more than 3 consecutive minutes all the numbers start blurring together and I get this sensation similar to what you feel when forks are scraped across glass dinnerware...*shudder*.... Still talking about this baby with Dave... He has said a few more things I feel I should point out...
Lacey: what's her name?
Dave: ugh <----------------------ugh?
Dave: riley.
Dave: riley madison something
Lacey: whyy is that her name?
Dave: i dont know
Dave: i mean the girl is gonna be a dancer surely
Dave: and riley madison
Dave: is not a dancing name <-----notice the dramatic pause between "riley madison" and "is not.."
Dave: its the name for a butch chick
Lacey: why can't her name be Sophie or Elizabeth
Dave: ew sophie?
Lacey: or Maria
Lacey: well cmon...RILEY?!
Dave: and double ew elizabeth <-------------double ew?
Dave: maria is ok
Lacey: Julia
Dave: thats a good oneThis is just not a regular conversation one has with ones 17 year old brother...It's all good though....But I did just receive a picture message on my cell phone from his friend Ashley of his hair up in a ponytail sporting side bangs and everything....He is definitely the prettiest girl ever..Goodnight all- hope your day was swell.*Lacey Jane*
Lacey: you're the prettiest girl ever.
Dave: yeah probably