Friday, January 4, 2008

Don't Have Much Time! Toddlers Alone in Kitchen!

But I can hear them...and every couple seconds, I'll bust out an "I LIKE TO EAT! EAT! EAT!" and they fill in for's usually the regular "Apples and Bananaaass" but Ben gets creative sometimes. For instance. A second ago, he liked to eat eat eat chicken nuggets and hamburgers. That's cool though.

"Are y'all being good?" "yeeahh" "da!"

a brand new 4 year old, and a 2 year old. Both boys. Ben and Jake.

"Why aren't we eating cake AND watching a movie at the same time?"

"Because cake is too messy to eat in the living room"

"Cake is NOT messy, Yacey."

"Yeah it is."

"Not it isn't"

"Bet it isn't"

"Cake is NOT! (*knocks plate on floor*) oh...Messy..."

Did you know that even wet paper towels do nothing but smear frosting all over a floor? Because I know that now.

These guys are the greatest.

Jake just came up and lovingly bit my elbow as I type.

"Did you just bit me"

*biggest grin ever* "byeeet"

"you shouldn't bite me jacob."


awww they are playing pretend!! Ben narrates and Jake repeats. They're a good pair.

Hope you all are having a lovely night. I love babysitting these two. They're my fave.

*Lacey Jane*


-Ben. what a peach.

**edit** this one was just too great:

Jake was sitting in my lap...and ben was yelling at him..."Daykub come fight me! DAYYYKUB!" and jake was innocently and sweetly settled in my lap..."Daycub!!!"

ben runs up.

"Daykub, cub kill me pweease....I'll be your best fwiend..."
"Kay!" he hops up and 4 seconds later, daykub is crying on the floor. great.

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