Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DnD Campout Pictures!

Over the weekend I went camping with my Dungeons and Dragons group. We had so much fun. I wish I could blog about every detail, but I really can't, unfortunately. I CAN, however, show some pictures... After seeing these pictures, I gave every couple an award based on the pictures. There were three couples and three single guys. The first couple I awarded were Carlos and Andrea. Andrea took most of the pictures so we had to get her on the other side. They win the Sweetest Couple Award, because they are the sweetest couple. No one calls each other baby, sweetie, honey, etc, and means it, more than these two. It would be annoying, but it's very sweet. Here they are in all their sweetness:

The second award I decided on was the Most Beautiful Couple Award for Zach and Joey. Honestly these two cannot take a bad picture (Eric and I are King and Queen of taking bad pictures)... Zach and Joey are two of my favorite people in the world, and I was so blessed to get to hang out with them for awhile this weekend:

(I was blowing bubbles at them)

The third award goes to me and my wonderful pale boyfriend. We win the Most Sunburned Couple Award.

And here are some other pictures from the campout. Keep in mind that we were all sorts of fucked up and having a good time, pretty much all weekend. So these pictures aren't the best- but they are the best we could do under our circumstances :o)


Group Shot at the end.... I need to edit all of these pictures so that you can actually see them, but that will have to be saved for a time when I am not on painkillers..

When Eric's hair is down and dry, it goes a few inches past his shoulders. It's so curly that when it is wet, it goes down past the middle of his back. Way longer than mine. I'm jealous.

Eric and Luke!

Half of our campsite..

Bubbles that stuck to everything! My fave.

Sean, Luke, and Zach. What a bunch of hooligans.

Eric and I watching the sunset

Joey dressed up like an indian to get into the campground spirit. That's because she's so freaking awesome that you can almost not handle it...


The Amazing Ernie J. said...

I know I keep leaving you comments about wanting to hang out, but we do need to hang out. I'd like to meet the boyfriend too, he sounds right spiffy.

Broken record, party of one.

I know! I'll come over and bring stuff to cook and we can play dress up and have a fancy dinner party! With silly hats! A silly hats only party!

Oh, an if you read this before Friday the 14th, come to my poetry slam in Roanoke. (it's here: http://www.bookcarriage.com/)

My word was suplutum, which I am thinking is some sort of prescription drug. Perhaps an anti-antidepressant, designed to keep overly bubbly spaz-types tolerable for the rest of us.

The Amazing Ernie J. said...

Yay! Can't wait!

And is that a yes to said poetry slam as well? If so it starts at 7, they have amazing coffee, and you can meet my friend Billy who sorta looks like Silent Bob and can play every instrument known to man except the drums.

BTW I also follow you on Twitter as @Kirai_Katrubro. and my word was hiprob, meaning to rob someone of their hip.