Saturday, January 2, 2010


Eric and I moved in with Callie into the Crack House in September (if you recall). Everyone advised me against this because Callie is kind of insane and unpredictable. I did it anyway because I really hate living with parents. It makes me feel like (even more of) a failure, and the opportunity presented itself. I know how much everyone loves being right- so here it is, everyone: You were right. The girl needs help.

About a week ago, around 2:45 in the morning, Callie comes home. Drunk. Stark raving mad. The living room is spotless. The trash has beer bottled in it from our little get together earlier in the evening that we didn't take out (yet). The kitchen wasn't awful. Half the sink had dirty dishes in it, which had been rinsed off, just not thrown in the dishwasher. She was pissed. She started loading the dishwasher (loudly) she broke a few dishes and a few beer bottles in the process. She ran around the house slamming doors (trying to wake us up) and screaming bloody murder about living with such pigs.

I would own up to it if my house was a mess. It wasn't. My mother has instilled clean-house syndrome in me. I love clean houses. Dirty rooms? Okay, sure. My bedroom is most likely messy. My house? No way. So this little fit was unwarranted.

Yesterday, without warning, Eric and I packed up and moved out. He has an interview at the end of next week and we will know by mid January if we are moving to Austin in March. It's a nice promotion with full benefits and a moving stipend. It will be awesome. I have full faith in him. So now we are living at his parents for a week until Dave goes back to school, then we are shackin' up with my mom until we move in March! This will allow us to save money for the house we will rent.

Callie...Needless to pissed. SO pissed. Obviously we screwed her a little (we paid for January rent so she has a month to find another roommate), but I feel justified because I do not want to be around her insanity. She literally scared me, and that is not okay. Today she has done nothing but text me all the horrible things that are on her mind. Most of them I have chosen to ignore, but I couldn't help but retaliate for a few of them. I told her that if she needs petty name-calling to make herself feel better then by all means, blow my phone up with them.

There it is in a nutshell... Callie and I won't be sisters for awhile I suppose. It is sad, but my family is falling apart anyway, and right now, focusing on myself is going to be the most important thing. I hope nothing but the best for her- but everything will continue to go south for her until she can control herself (especially when she is drinking).

Until next time...

"2010 Again and again?"

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Criss L. Cox said...

Maybe this will be the wake-up call she needs. Or a step in that direction.

Glad to know you are safe. Sorry to hear about Callie.

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