Monday, January 4, 2010


Eric's dog, Apollo, is a bad dog. He's cute and flopsy and big and strong (all at the same time), and boy is he a bad dog. He lives here for now at Eric's parents house. He can smell Eric coming a mile away, and he barks and barks and barks no matter what Eric does. If he ignores him, he barks. If he plays with him for two hours, he barks afterwards. He loves Eric so much it's insane. Eric got him last Christmas. He is a black lab. He turned one in December. When Eric moved out of his house in April and Apollo came to live here, he was immediately made an outside dog. This makes me super sad for lots of reasons, even though he gets plenty of attention, food, water, etc. He has a nice doghouse and lots of room to run around in and toys to chew up. I am worried about moving to Austin and taking Apollo with us. I want to make him both indoor/outdoor but MAN is he a bad dog! Anyone had experience with this? Reccomend anything specific?

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