Friday, January 8, 2010

Posting Early Today...

So that we don't have repeat of last night's woes! None of my apps are working and I cannot figure out why!! Eric says we have to basically scrub my iPhone :( so I will have to redownload all my favorite apps (I will never beat my highscord on "word warp" and now no one will ever believe it was so high. 5,8something points. I can't even get over 4k anymore!), but I suppose worse things have happened, so no big deal, honestly.

Eric has been in court for two hours today already and he just called to say it will be another couple hours. Last May, If you recall, he had some issues with the law. Issues that have not quite been resolved. Today is his third or fourth court date, and hopefully his last for awhile. He was first offered 6 years of probation, then 5, now 3. He is taking the 3 years with hopes to get off early after a year and a half for good behavior. Because Eric is a good boy. Really, he is. We did not expect this court to last for as long as it has lasted. I've been pretty worried about him for the last half hour but he called on a break saying it was going to last another couple hours because there are so many rules to go over.

I won't make this into a political blog. All I can say is- hurry Obama! You're making great strides in legalizing things that have no ACTUAL GOOD reason to be illegal, and I appreciate that... But hurry! I am impatient! It has been so ridiculous for far too long! I will write a huge post on that certain subject one day. For now, I still need to gather even MORE research (because oh man there is a lot).

Internet! Guess what! I know I already told you in my last lame post, but the period is here. In case you guys didn't know. It's here. It hurts. It's bad. It's angry. I don't know what I did to anger it, but it's angry. That's why today is a lay-in-bed-and-whimper day. At least for the time being.

That's all for now folks! A new blog is heading your way sometime this year. I am trying to think of a clever name, but all I can think of are stupid, boring, grown up names. We will probably have to go with one of those, because damn it if I am not becoming one more and more every day :o)

*Lacey Jane*

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Marcy said...

Have you already tried to wipe everything off the phone and then do a restore via itunes? Sorry about having to lose the data. =( Always annoying.