Monday, January 18, 2010

Headache Business...

It's getting very annoying. Annoying and crippling. Mainly annoying. I have to start keeping a journal to find out what is causing them.

Went to Gameworks for Eric's birthday. Everyone gave Eric their tickets for his birthday present. He got four shot glasses, The Beatles Monopoly, and a temp-engagement ring for me (30 tickets- I'm one lucky woman :) All in all it was a fun partay, as per usual.

That's all I got. Off to bury my face in alternating heat and cold.

*Lacey Jane*


The Amazing Ernie J. said...

Are you on the ring? Cause migraines can be a rather serious side effect of it.

Ze word eez: flateepi. A type of Native American tent that has been smooshed.

Criss L. Cox said...

What's this temp-engagement ring business???

Guess I need to catch up on your blog posts, huh?