Friday, January 29, 2010

Help Me Here, People...

How do you embed youtube vidoes into your blogs? Thank you!


Marcy said...

1. Copy the "Embed" code for whatever YouTube video you want to share.

2. Go to and open up a window to write a new post.

3. On the top right corner of the text box for typing the body of your post there are 2 tabs. One is "Compose" and the other says "Edit." The "Edit" tab is for when you want to insert HTML into your post.

4. Click that "Edit" tab.

5. Paste the video embed code into the text box.

5. Click the "Compose" tab. You should now see some sort of grey box to show where the video is (if you see nothing, that might be fine, too, sometimes it does that).

6. Click "Publish Post"

That should do it. =)

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