Monday, October 22, 2007

Because Halloween is my second favorite holiday....

I LOVE HALLOWEEEN!!! Don't ask me what my plans are because they are unestablished right now... But I STILL CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND!! Because in college- you can't really celebrate Halloween ON Halloween, unless it falls on a Friday or a Saturday.I mean- you CAN celebrate it, and you generally WILL- but you can't if you want to make it to class the next day without a crippling hangover. However- I AM SO LUCKY!!! Because over the weekend I went home, and Annie and I went to a Gay Halloween Party(!!) at Newports in Dallas. It was very very...very fun. We dressed as bums- because really we decided to go that same day, and therefore had no time to be incredibly clever...Annie's sign said "Will Play For Booze Foob" and mine said "Trabajo por tacos" as I was a hispanic bum. I had a bongo drum strapped to me and annie had a tambourine. We both were equipped with a pair of finger cymbals, and we took requests. It was quite fun.But what is sooo awesome about this is THIS WEEKEND WAS NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!! So I still have TWO more times to dress up for Halloween!!! Originally I was going to be Tina Turner, because who doesn't love Tina Turner (rhetorical- if you don't- please don't inform me)...However, as Annie and My-New-Gay-Friend intelligently pointed out, Tina is classic. I could really be Tina any year for Halloween. And so, ladies and...other...ladies who read my blog (because I don't think guys read xangas?)- this year for Halloween, I will be gracing someones party/bar/club/who knows dressed as Bald Britney- because she'll go out of style after this year.on a side note::::Isn't it awesome to see people that you once were SO CLOSE TO after four years?!it really really really is.just saying.HAPPY HALLOWEEN-TIME EVERYONE!!! It is so excitinnnggg*Lacey Jane*Dave: I'm going trick or treating this year.Lacey: what are you going to be?Dave: Blacula: Draculas soul brother.Lacey: of course you are.

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