Monday, October 15, 2007

Because Cristina asked of my living situation....

Alas I DO in fact live in a dorm hall. Not just any dorm hall- a dorm hall SO DISGUSTING that my mother called the health department today after I updated her on new disgusting facts. Shall we take a look at a few of the nasty happenings in Hall 14?- The toilets on my floor N E V E R work. You think I am exaggerating? I have to go downstairs frequently because every toilet is overflowed. You might think this is because us terrible gross girls don't know how to use an appropriate amount of toilet paper, or maybe that we flush inappropriate things down the toilet- but, just to clarify- that might be 10% of the problem. The other 90% is that the toilets are old and the plumbing is simply bad. sometimes, even just peeing and flushing a minuscule amount of TP down will result in an overflowed toilet- so go ahead and use your imagination as to what horrible germs are flying around the bathroom that myself and 50 some-odd other girls are expected to use.- Our lobby has fleas. This is a slightly understandable problem, because sometimes that happens- HOWEVER- our WHOLE ENTIRE BUILDING has been sprayed- and the lobby has been sprayed, powdered, bombed, what-have-you- on MANY DIFFERENT OCCASIONS- and this is barely the what? fifth? sixth week of school? And yes, ladies and gents- we STILL have "pests."This is just unacceptable to me...Those are probably the two biggest factors going into the abominable conditions in which I am forced to live on a daily basis. Everyone is either sick- getting over being sick- or about to get sick, and some people scratch their head and wonder why! Isn't it obvious? I don't think I have been 100% healthy since arriving here and being exposed to this trashiness.They were supposed to tear this building down over the summer and rebuild it. They didn't get around to it. Great.So there you have it, Cristina...I did not previously know my roommate- we were randomly selected and matched up, and they could not have done a better job. Laura is wonderful and we are a good match. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are both from big obnoxious families... so we just understand.I had a superbly wonderful weekend away from Nac. I will update on that another day, perhaps.*Lacey Jane*"You are. I just know it."-Chelsea.thanks man- you're a pal.

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