Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What A Fab Week So Far...

If you're a loyal reader of my xanga, perhaps you remember THIS grand adventure.

Last night at 250am a GREAT PAIN in my side woke me up and left me WRITHING in agony, calling my dad on the phone because I couldn't even shout, and calling Dave too, because I couldn't even walk. Good old' dave carried me to the car, and good ol' parents drove me to the hospital. The pain subsided enough to walk into the hospital and proclaim to all that "My Stomach Hurts."

Long story short, I am dehydrated from being so sick this weekend (Hey! I lost 7 pounds! In the least healthy way possible!), that I developed ANOTHER KIDNEY STONE. Oh the pain.

So great. Vicodin, my old friend. Please refrain from giving me nightmares.

Something that has definitely changed since '05- my pain tolerance. I have a very strong pain tolerance.


They hooked me up to an IV and pumped me full of liquids. Then morphine. Grand.

Well! I am off to rehearsal. We open in 2 weeks, so clear your calendars. More info will follow soon. Have a great week.

*lacey jane*

"If this is nothing I'm going to be really embarrassed"
-me, crying and moaning as dave was carrying me out to the truck.

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