Friday, December 7, 2007

Ah! Cristina Asked If Laura Has A Blog....

Hmm. How to answer this question.

It is on a semi-daily basis that Laura asks me how to spell a word. The most recent one was "Lacey, how do you spell definitely?" yesterday...or maybe the day before. I will shoot out the letters faster than we can blink, and our lives will go about being awesome.

In the bulk of the school year, she would procrastinate the hell out of writing any and all papers....and she had quite a few of them. So no- Laura does not blog, although she does read mine- and laugh and recall our amazing times together.

Ask me to multiply any number by 12 or anything above it and I will tilt my head, furrow my brow, and bark at you- but Laura knows math without really thinking about it. That is why she helped me with my math homework. A lot.

"Laura who is Factor and what function does he have?!"

She does math. I do english. We're a perfect match.

*Lacey Jane*
"I look like a man."
"I look like a lesbian"
"Let's just get our food to go."

-Laura and I at lunch today. Then we get into the caf:

"We're out of to go boxes." -lunch lady
*confused, dumb stare from both Laura and myself*
"So...what you're saying is....we have to eat our" -me

so we did. we snagged a miraculously empty table- and it stayed miraculously empty because well- remember what we looked like. goodtimes with laura. i will surely miss her.

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