Saturday, December 29, 2007

PS- Harry Connick Jr is lumpy and unattractive- in my opinion.

Went and saw PS I Love You tonight with Heather and Jess. Two and a half hour sob-fest is actually what it was. I did not enjoy the movie and I do not recommend going to see it, but that isn't saying it wasn't a good movie- I was very surprised because Hilary Swank wasn't manly or insanely boring, like I usually find her. She played the character of Holly better than I thought she would. If you have read this (insanely sad, but irresistible) book, you most likely understand what I am talking about in relation to Hilary Swank playing Holly...

Lisa Kudrow plays Holly's best pal, Denise- and I don't know HOW they did it, but SOMEONE or SOMEONES obviously followed me around for MONTHS without me knowing, because every DAMN line she said was either something I HAVE said, something I say REGULARLY, or something I most definitely WOULD say in those certain situations. I cannot tell you how many times both Heather and Jess looked at me in amazement as if to say "it looks like Lisa Kudrow but if I were blind I would swear it was you.." or something..

I didn't like it because it made me sad. I liked it because of reasons unknown. I will probably never watch it again, but I am glad I did. No regrets.

....Harry Connick Jr REALLY IS LUMPY and UNATTRACTIVE, and it is amusing because I don't think Hilary Swank is much to look at either (except damn, what a nice bod). However, because both of them were- well, normal looking- it made the movie more real and more comfortable, because let's face it- in real life, not everyone looks like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, or Halle Berry (except you, Aida

Mixed review? Maybe. But give me a break. It's late.

*Lacey Jane*
"I can definitely see you calling me to tell me I am not invited to your wedding if I was ignoring you completely.."
"damn straight."
-Heath and I.

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