Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wait, what!??!

Man. For starting off this year trying to blog every single day, I really fail miserably as a xanganeer (xangaqueer?)...Sorry loyal xanga fan(s)... I will attempt to update you all both as soon as I don't feel quite so lethargic.

IE- not right now.

But really I am alive and kicking! sleeping a lot!

Going to the doctor on Cinco de May so we can evaluate how the medication is going. Since about 2 weeks after starting it I haven't had any breakdowns at all (so for those who are wondering- that would mean no breakdowns in the last um..week- Still! An improvement!)!!! However it has made me, as my mom so kindly pointed out today, a "walking zombie", so perhaps the meds will be changed again- perhaps not- we shall see- and you shall be updated.

Anyway um.. sorry for this pitiful excuse for an update, but I just wanted to say hi and forgive my absence! Thanks..and truly I love all most some of you so much!

*Lacey Jane*

"Pretty flowers!"
"too bad they are from my soon to be ex husband. he'sablackguy and i ended up in the hospital."
*silence while my mom tried to make sense of this seemingly racist comment*
"well..uh... that's...what you get for marrying a black guy?"
"patty listen to me. he. gave. me. a. black. eye. and i ended up. in the hospital."

-my mom and one of her a VERY VERY patty moment. hilarity.

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