Thursday, May 8, 2008

Growing Up & Stuff...

After blogging on xanga for the majority of my teenage years, I have decided to switch to Blogger for a more grown-up-type-feel. I do not plan on giving out this blog to my family, so really- anything goes- good, bad, ugly- it's going in here.
So, now that I have that out of the way- WELCOME TO MY NEW BIG-GIRL BLOG! I hope you enjoy it and leave comments for me to enjoy! There is not too too much going on in my life lately... I auditioned for Jesus Christ Superstar, and am looking forward to hearing from them on the 16th (maybe?). I am single, awaiting acceptance to the University of North Texas, which will be my fourth (and hopefully final) college... I work as my mothers assistance until the end of this month, when I hope to find a different job, doing I don't know what... I plan on living in an apartment in Denton and will soon be going apartment hunting. Wish me luck!

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