Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Spotty Situation

All the parents know now. My parents and Lloyd's mother... That story will take me DAYS to write. Maybe even longer. It is so long and so drawn out and so dramatic and still going on. I can't even write it until everyone has calmed down. Until it actually has a more defined ending.

I've been spotting a lot this week. A lot. It is scary. And I do not like it. My doctor said that it is pretty normal and that about 20% of women experience some bleeding during their pregnancy, and some even throughout. With that news, I can sleep at night, but it is still something that is constantly on my mind.

Well... That and my spanish homework.

So...more later I suppose, when things aren't like they are right now.

*Lacey Jane*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You might want to remind the parties involved that adding to your stress does not help things in the least.

(Unless, of course, that was their ulterior motive in the first place... but I'm just being negative and bitter.)

Give yourself time to rest. Make sure you are eating well. Take vitamins - loads of them. And if you need help with Spanish homework, call me.