Saturday, November 24, 2007


So- good favorite YouTube series, We Need Girlfriends, was bought by CBS! That's pretty awesome. It is basically a really hilarious series. You should look it up. I would link you- but I don't want to.

Yesterday I saw Enchanted with Cristina. Really. Freakin. Awesome. Movie. I loved it. Heather told me that when she saw it, she thought about me a lot and said I would play that part really well. was such a great movie...haha.

Anyway, xangaland...things have been uh..perplexing...these last few days. they will get better though. I am pretty confident.

....My dogs are so cute. they are fighting right now. in a playful, puppylike way. :o) So So So cute.

Cristina and I also saw Freddy (her love)'s show, Seasons Greetings. It was really really good, and nice to see a live show!! Good job, Freddy!!

Have a nice night everyone...Tomorrow I head back to Nac.....ick..

*Lacey Jane*
"Men are desserts. Not main courses."
-sound advice from Miss Amanda Frazier.

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