Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm "Home"

I have been here for less than 8 hours and already I want to leave and go anywhere else. I am so mad at my work. I called them weeks ago and told them I could work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I called them every week to make sure they knew to put me on the schedule for those days.
I call today to get my schedule.
I am scheduled TODAY (monday), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

....really? Because I have school on monday AND tuesday. I informed my boss that I said I could work Wednesday on and she said "Well that's just how it worked out babydoll." Really? Because that's really unprofessional. I am very very upset with this. I wanted to work Thanksgiving. THEY TOLD ME I COULD WORK THANKSGIVING. I did NOT want to work Tuesday- and now I have lost a day of wages because I couldn't work Monday.

dsaklfj;sdlkfj it is all very very frustrating.

Also I recently (half an hour or so) got into yet another argument with my mother about Elliott. Really great. Get me the hell out of here. I wouldn't be here if I weren't working. Sounds harsh. I am not happy with my family right now. They are great people and I truly love them. That doesn't mean I can't be mad at them right now.

6 more days of this? Please no.

*lacey jane*

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